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U.S. Space Launches Mobile Communications Business

By SpaceRef Editor
April 7, 2011
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U.S. Space LLC, a U.S.-owned creator of dedicated space solutions for government and commercial clients, today announced the formation of U.S. Space Mobile Communications LLC, which will provide mobile voice, data and video communications solutions to the U.S. Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security and other U.S. Government agencies that will enable them to communicate on the move in performing their missions.

U.S. Space Mobile Communications offers solutions for air, sea and land mobile communications that cover 70 percent of the globe and a population of approximately 6 billion. Access extends to 140 countries, including the strategically critical areas of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and many international waterways. The coverage areas are expected to increase over time.

Mark J. Piegza, Co-founder of U.S. Space LLC and Chairman of U.S. Space Mobile Communications, said, “We are pleased to be able to provide to the U.S. Government the most reliable, secure, flexible, stable and cost-effective mobile communications solutions available in the marketplace. To ensure our customers the flexibility and customized end-to-end solutions required to meet their specific needs, we have also developed multiple security and mission assurance strategies.”

U.S. Space Mobile Communications provides for the security of the customer’s voice and data through independent access, bandwidth allocation, encryption and secure routing into the customer’s network. U.S. Space selected Thuraya Telecommunications Co. as the airtime and bandwidth supplier for its superior network capabilities. Thuraya’s current handheld devices, the smallest yet most rugged on the market, as well as its data terminals, the smallest yet most powerful in the market, are among the most competitive solutions in the satellite telecom market today.

Major General, USAF (Ret.) Craig P. Weston, Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Space LLC and its Mobile Communications company, said, “We offer to the U.S. Government customer the best available solutions and capacity-rich bandwidth covering strategically critical geographies. Our solutions enable congestion-free service with five times more users on one spot beam than is made possible through any other satellite operator. We are in this business to provide effective, government-friendly solutions with the highest quality service at extremely attractive prices.”

U.S. Space LLC also announced the U.S. Space Mobile Communications senior team:

* Mark J. Piegza is Chairman and Chief Financial Officer.
* Major General, USAF (Ret.) Craig P. Weston is Chief Executive Officer.
* Ed Wright is Chief Operating Officer.
* Dr. Dany Harel is Chief Technology Officer.
* David Gardner is Vice President of Sales Engineering.
* Jeff Johnson is Vice President of Contracts.

U.S. Space LLC, which was created in 2009, is engaged in an intensive program to expand its portfolio of products and services. The company offers to the U.S. Government military satellite communications; satellite life extension and protection services to commercial and government satellite operators worldwide through ViviSat, a joint venture with ATK; and now mobile communications solutions for the U.S. Government through U.S. Space Mobile Communications.
Further information on U.S. Space Mobile Communications can be found at the company’s website,


U.S. Space LLC is a U.S.-owned provider of dedicated, commercial space solutions. The company was established in January 2009 to provide satellite solutions with a unique model combining the best commercial and government practices. The company, which is run by a small group of highly respected former military and corporate leaders, now offers a variety of space solutions to serve the interests of the nation and all U.S. Space government and commercial customers. More information on the company is available at


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