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Upcoming NASA Quest Events

By SpaceRef Editor
June 6, 2005
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Mark your calendars for the next academic year, then watch Quest for more details:

Webcast: September: Design a Planet

In this live webcast, students will have the opportunity to interact with Virtual Planet Laboratory scientists who are developing a program that can model planets with signs of life. Students will also be introduced to a new simulation on the Astro-Venture Web site that will challenge them to design a planet that would support human habitation.

Fall Challenge: Living and Working on Mars, Part 1: Finding Mars Analogs

As NASA turns its attention to human travel to the Moon and Mars, there are many hurdles that will need to be overcome. NASA Quest challenges students, primarily in grades 5-8, to work with the help of NASA scientists to design solutions to these obstacles. During the months of October and November, our focus will be the use of locations on Earth as analogs to study fieldwork on Mars.

Winter Challenge: Design a Mars Airplane

What are some of the challenges you might encounter as you develop an airplane to explore Mars? NASA is working on airplane designs that will fly in Mars’ thin atmosphere and collect detailed data of large areas of Mars’ surface more efficiently than the rovers that have studied Mars to this point.

During the months of January – March, NASA Quest challenges students, working with NASA scientists and engineers to design an airplane that can be packaged for safe travel to Mars and then fly upon arrival.

Spring Challenge: Operation OUTTA HERE!

How can the current air transportation system safely handle a substantial increase in the number and frequency of aircraft in the system? NASA Quest challenges students in grades 8-10 during the months of March – May to follow a “flight path” along which they will learn mathematical concepts, examine related social issues, and explore career pathways-all in the context of airspace systems. Students will enjoy live interaction with industry professionals who will become career role models and who can participate in the discussion of the merits of the operational concepts showcased in the lessons.

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