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UP Aerospace Using PHX ModelCenter(R) to Design and Develop SpaceLoft Orbital Vehicle

By SpaceRef Editor
September 5, 2007
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PHX ModelCenter helping UP Aerospace to fulfill commitment of low costs and time horizons for businesses and institutions to get experiments into space

WAYNE, Pa. and HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Integration, the aerospace and defense industry leader in process integration and design optimization software, and UP Aerospace, the world’s premier supplier of affordable access to space, jointly announced today that Phoenix Integration’s PHX ModelCenter software will be used to design and develop UP Aerospace’s next-generation SpaceLoft Orbital launch vehicle. UP Aerospace attracted worldwide attention in April, when its SpaceLoft XL launch vehicle carried the cremated remains of Star Trek actor James Doohan and Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper into space.

“PHX ModelCenter enables one design engineer to do the work of many,” said UP Aerospace president Jerry Larson. “Using ModelCenter will bring substantial design and development advantages to our programs on next generation SpaceLoft(TM) vehicles which already are lowering costs and wait times for businesses and institutions to get experiments into space.”

Before joining UP Aerospace, Larson was program manager for the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) where he used PHX ModelCenter to design the first private rocket to enter space in 2004 — an amateur rocketry feat yet to be duplicated. He gained his first experience with PHX Model Center while working at Lockheed Martin.

“Jerry’s expertise and vision for commercial space travel have already produced results that have attracted coverage on all major news networks,” said Scott Woyak, president and CEO of Phoenix Integration. “We are always excited about Jerry’s successes and next ambitions using our PHX ModelCenter software and look forward to this next phase of our long and mutually rewarding relationship.”

About UP Aerospace

UP Aerospace designs and develops space launch vehicles and is the world’s premier supplier of affordable space access. UP Aerospace reduces costs and wait times to launch significant-size payloads and sophisticated experiments into space, offering unique opportunities for businesses and institutions. Launch packages include professional payload and launch support, Government and Spaceport approvals, and comprehensive technical assistance. For more information on capabilities and specifications of UP Aerospace’s fleet of high-performance SpaceLoft(TM) rocket vehicles, pricing, and launch scheduling, visit

About Phoenix Integration

Phoenix Integration commands a leadership position in flexible, scalable, high-performance enterprise solutions for engineering process integration and design optimization. Phoenix software is used worldwide for modeling and simulation during engineering design phases by global organizations in the aerospace and defense industries, and commercial enterprises, including nine of the top 10 U.S. defense contractors and seven of the top 10 aerospace companies. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Phoenix Integration conducts R&D and customer support operations from facilities in Blacksburg, Virginia. For more information, visit

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