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TimeSys-Powered Mars Exploration Rover Demonstrated at JavaOne(SM) Conference

By SpaceRef Editor
June 11, 2003
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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Sun Microsystems Demonstrate Java-Powered Mars Rover Concept Vehicle Running TimeSys’ Linux RTOS and JTime

TimeSys, a leader in embedded Linux® and embedded development tools,
announced that its TimeSys Linux RTOS (real-time operating system) and JTime
real-time Java(TM) virtual machine are driving the Mars Exploration Rover
concept vehicle being demonstrated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
and Sun Microsystems’ James Gosling at the JavaOne Conference this week in
San Francisco.

James Gosling, considered the father of the Java programming language and
a Sun Fellow and VP at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, will deliver a keynote
address and introduce the TimeSys-powered Mars rover at JavaOne on Wednesday,
June 11, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

JPL and Sun are developing this vehicle as a proof of concept for the
next-generation of unmanned Mars exploration rovers, scheduled for launch in
2009. JPL is demonstrating the use of Java-based applications executed on a
real-time Linux platform as an alternative to C/C++ applications on a
traditional commercial RTOS. TimeSys Linux/Real-Time and JTime, the
industry’s first RTSJ-compliant Java virtual machine (JVM), are serving as the
foundation for this new concept vehicle.

“JPL’s decision to develop their concept vehicle using TimeSys Linux RTOS
and JTime as its foundation is excellent validation that our real-time and
embedded development products are capable of meeting any performance,
reliability and survivability requirements in one of the most demanding and
challenging of environments, interplanetary exploration,” said TimeSys CEO
Larry Weidman.

JTime is the industry’s first commercial implementation of the Real-Time
Specification for Java (RTSJ). JTime brings completely predictable response
to Java applications for advanced embedded and real-time systems running on
TimeSys Linux RTOS, a true, single-kernel Linux real-time operating system.
TimeSys Linux is a complete Linux development platform that comprises the
TimeSys Linux distribution for embedded application development and royalty-
free real-time capability that transforms Linux into a true RTOS. TimeSys
Linux provides an excellent platform for developing mission critical
applications for use in embedded computer systems that require completely
predictable, reliable response and execution under any circumstances.

About TimeSys

TimeSys is a pioneer and leader in embedded Linux and development tools
for the embedded systems market. Through complete software development kits
design engineers can leverage certified, hardware-specific, single API Linux
distributions, a complete range of Windows and Linux development tools and a
full range of performance enhancements to develop advanced embedded systems.
Its products support the full range of performance from non-real-time to
deterministic hard real-time, and add unique reservations technologies that
guarantee system response, even in overload conditions. TimeSys offers SDKs
for more than 65 target platforms supporting 8 processor architectures and
35 unique processors. TimeSys technologies are utilized in a wide variety of
industries and applications, from industrial/process control and consumer
electronics to military and avionics. For more information about TimeSys,
please visit, send email to or call

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