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Thousands to Gather at NASA in Silicon Valley for Technology Festival, Creating Projects for a Better World

By SpaceRef Editor
December 1, 2011
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Thousands to Gather at NASA in Silicon Valley for Technology Festival, Creating Projects for a Better World

Campus Party announces the first edition of its Silicon Valley Technology Festival, to be held from August 6-12, 2012, at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

This will be the first event in the United States organized by Campus Party, the world’s Starting today, a website with information on the festival is posted at .Tickets for the event will be available in February. Several thousand participants from around the world are expected.

Attendees, or “campuseros” will live on-site for the week as they are challenged to propose solutions to the eight Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations at the Millennium Summit held in 2000.

In addition to the challenge, festival participants will enjoy 1,000 hours of content in simultaneous tracks with talks, workshops and competitions covering seventeen thematic areas, including astronomy, biohacking, mobile development, free software, robotics, visual arts and open government.

“We are delighted to host the first Silicon Valley Tech Fest at our NASA Research Park,” said Ames’ center director Pete Worden. “It’s great that we can have this much future potential focused here.” More than ten hours of programmed content per area take place every day, much of which is nominated by the campuseros themselves through the CSI: Content Search Investigation platform that allows participants to suggest speakers and activities they want included. Community-nominated keynote speakers have included Neil Armstrong Steve Wozniak and Michio Kaku amongst others, in the past.

“Our mission at Campus Party is to create the largest geek innovation community on the planet and encourage them to use their talent and expertise to create a better world through technology,” said the event’s co-founder Paco Ragageles. “Holding a festival in Silicon Valley means fulfilling a dream that began fifteen years ago.”‘

According to co-founder Belinda Galiano, “It is an honor to hold the first U.S. edition of our event in NASA facilities and have the guidance and support of three fathers of the Internet at the same time. This is a challenge we face with enthusiasm and with support of the global campusero community.”

The community can actively show their support for the technology festival through social networks using the hashtag #becampusero.

About Campus Party

Campus Party is the largest global technology festival encompassing innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment. For seven days, thousands of “campuseros” live on-site, surrounded by a unique environment where talks, workshops, competitions and hackathons take place simultaneously.

Since 1997, Campus Party has brought young, passionate technologists throughout Europe, Latin America together to collaborate, learn and promote innovation. Currently, there are annual editions taking place in Valencia (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogota (Colombia), and Quito (Ecuador). In 2012, Campus Party will hold their first U.S. edition, the Silicon Valley Technology Festival, and another event in Lima (Peru).

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