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The NASA Family Responds to America’s Tragedy

By SpaceRef Editor
September 13, 2001
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Early Tuesday, America suffered an unspeakable and unimaginable
tragedy. As we begin to comprehend the events of the past hours,
we can be proud that the strength of our Nation is reflected in
its courageous acceptance of difficult challenges. The President
has calmly assured us that the Nation’s resolve to preserve
freedom and justice is unwavering.

You have demonstrated that the NASA team is capable of measured
and professional responses when under stress. You calmly and
patiently vacated facilities, and you have taken on the burden of
helping others. We have offered our assistance to other Federal
Agencies in their rescue and recovery efforts, and the Associate
Administrators and Center Directors have delivered; I deeply
appreciate their support and their understanding that the
Nation’s critical assets must be protected.

During the coming days and weeks, it is imperative
that we continue to remain vigilant. Each of you should continue
to be cognizant of the security needs of your installation.
While we are under heightened security, special steps must be
taken to ensure that you remain safe. These actions may very
well be discomforting – from making it more difficult for
visitors to enter facilities, to performing time-consuming
vehicle searches. But these issues are a small price to pay for
enhancing your safety and security, and protecting the assets of
the Agency. If there are additional measures that will prevent
compromises to safety and security, you should talk to your
supervisor. Consistent with guidance from the Administration, we
are determined to return to normal operations as soon as

While safety and security are paramount, I am also
acutely aware of the potential for emotional trauma that results
from exposure to stressful events. Should you need support during
this time, counseling will be made available to you through the
Employee Assistance Program. These services may be arranged in
either individual or group sessions. I trust that we will all
work together as a NASA family to provide mutual support and
caring as the aftermath of these tragedies continues to unfold.

I am so very proud of the NASA family; thank you for your
continuing commitment to reach for the stars.

Daniel S. Goldin

NASA Administrator

SpaceRef staff editor.