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The Lunar Habitat: Remnant

By SpaceRef Editor
July 28, 2020
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(July 28, 2020 – Mayagüez, Puerto Rico) About a year ago, Instarz came out with details about their Lunar Surface Habitat for the first time since its foundation. Remnant is a compact, self-sustainable, modular lunar habitat, that is also expandable, designed to further deepen space exploration. Remnant is being developed by Instarz, LLC— a startup space company based in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico that manufactures self-sustainable habitats and innovative technology founded in 2018.

The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) unveiled their full schedule for their “Artemis” program that will return astronauts to the Moon for the first time in half a century. As a result this presents an opportunity for new commercial entities, like Instarz, to design and develop innovative exploration technology for space exploration. The Remnant Lunar Habitat will further scientific research— not only on the moon but also here on earth. Instarz plans to apply this technology to hostile environments here on Earth. The disaster relief sector, the Antarctica research sector, and the military are some of the markets they aim to apply their technology and their self-sustainable habitats. In addition, Instarz also plans on helping with current COVID-19 and quarantine problems presented around the world.

Ever since their last public appearance, Instarz made some improvements and changes to the requirements and design concepts of Remnant. Before, Remnant was planned to be able to hold a total of 8 crew members, a volume of 1,000m, for a maximum duration of 12 months. After various feasibility and concept studies, and much time spent on research and development, the Remnant habitat will now accommodate a maximum of four crew members and provide a total volume of 625m for a maximum mission duration of 90 days. The reason these changes were made is to go accordingly with the guidelines and requirements presented by NASA for the Artemis program. Instarz wanted to develop Remnant in order to provide space agencies and other private companies with a structure that properly complies with all the top level mission requirements and safety.

In order to start generating revenue and to demonstrate its technology, this startup plans to provide this habitat for hostile environments here on earth. Recently, there has been a spike in natural disasters around the world; in which the scarcity of shelters for the public has been one of the main concerning topics. Instarz plans to modify the habitat to be a viable option as protection against hurricanes, earthquakes and other types of disasters that might occur. Another target market is Antarctica, its research sector is a great opportunity for a habitat able to provide a modular, safe, and heated space that could be of use for scientific purposes. The Military, our habitat being one that is transportable, expandable and reliable can provide this market with a mobile, self sustainable, and safe base structure needed no matter if it’s dirt, desert or snow. A new configuration, since COVID-19, is for pandemic purposes, such as a safe and controlled environment for quarantine use. By providing our habitats to these customers, Instarz wishes to gain crucial credibility in the habitat market and use this gained expertise to further improve the LSH variant of the Remnant.

Instarz will be holding an event in December 2020 to reveal further details about Remnant and other projects. For more updates in relation to the event, visit and follow Instarz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @InstarzLLC.

About Instarz

Instarz is a start-up space company based in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture self-sustainable space habitats and space technology. Nearly two years into concept development, Instarz has created Remnant— a compact lunar habitat targeted for both private space companies and space agencies. Founded by entrepreneur Joshua Castro and co-founder Roberto Rodriguez, Instarz is the first company in Latin America to develop space habitats.

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