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The Humans to Mars Summit Comes to Washington, D.C. on May 14-16, 2019

By SpaceRef Editor
April 16, 2019
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As we approach the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo XI mission that landed humans on the surface of the Moon for the first time in history, the 2019 Humans to Mars Summit (H2M) will assemble world-leading experts from many fields to discuss how we can return humans to the Moon in the 2020s and on to Mars in the 2030s. H2M is the world’s largest annual conference that is focused on the goal of landing humans on Mars within two decades. Taking place at the National Academy of Sciences Building on May 14-16, 2019, H2M will feature a diverse lineup of topics that will address the challenges and progress in the exploration of Mars as well as how to accomplish near-term lunar exploration goals in a manner that also advance humans to Mars.   
“H2M 2019 comes at an important crossroads in the human exploration of space,” stated Explore Mars CEO Chris Carberry. “We now appear to be on the verge of finally moving permanently beyond Low Earth Orbit into deep space. H2M will be a critical event to build consensus on how to achieve human missions to both the Moon and Mars.”
H2M will address stimulating topics and some of the most critical issues pertaining to sustained human presence on Mars, such as:

  • Can we send humans to both the Moon and Mars?
  • International Mars science missions
  • Apollo Moon Landing: 50th Anniversary
  • The power of Mars and STEM education
  • Living off the land: In situ resource utilization
  • Mars transit and surface operations
  • Feeding Mars: Agriculture, synthetic biology, and 3-D printing
  • The partnership between space, STEM, and the entertainment industry
  • Diplomacy, international relations, and Mars exploration
  • The Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team

Speakers will include high-ranking NASA officials, industry executives, experts from diverse fields (including science, engineering, and policy), representatives from the entertainment industry, international luminaries, and STEM education professionals. H2M already has lined up a remarkable list of speakers that includes:

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator
Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI Astronaut
Ellen Stofan, Director of the National Air and Space Museum
Ryan Whitley, National Space Council
Rebecca Keiser, Head, Office of International Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation
Mary Lynn Ditmar, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration
Khaled Al Hashmi, Director of Space Missions, Science and Technology, UAE Space Agency
Janet Ivey, Janet’s Planet & Explore Mars Board of Directors member
Ann Merchant, Science and Entertainment Exchange, National Academy of Sciences
Clive Neal, University of Notre Dame
Sascha Paladino, Producer and Creator, Miles from Tomorrowland
Pascale Ehrenfreund, DLR
Roya Mahboob, Founder and CEO, Digital Citizen Fund, & representatives of the Afghan Girls Robot Team
Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine
Mike Selden, CEO, Finless Foods
Sonya Gavankar, Newseum
John Logsdon, Space Policy Institute
Henk Rogers, International MoonBase Alliance
Jan Woerner, Director General, ESA  (via Skype)

And many more…
According to Artemis Westenberg, President of Explore Mars, Inc., “It is heartening to know that NASA and Congress are both poised to take the next giant leap into space. Both are now calling for humans on Mars by the 2030s, a goal that has been championed by Explore Mars, Inc. for many years. With the presence of methane on Mars remaining unresolved by robotic missions, Mars seems to be begging for humans to arrive to search for its origin on-site.”

Members of the Press are encouraged to attend in person in order to gain full access to H2M 2019 as well as dedicated attention and exclusive content. If you would like to be considered for Media credentials please register today at and select “Media Registration” as the registration type.

About Explore Mars 

Explore Mars was created to advance the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades. To further that goal, Explore Mars conducts programs and technical challenges to stimulate the development and/or improvement of technologies that will make human Mars missions more efficient and feasible. In addition, to embed the idea of Mars as a habitable planet, Explore Mars challenges educators to use Mars in the classroom as a tool to teach standard STEM curricula. Explore Mars, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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