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Tender: Dextre Deployable Vision System (DDVS) (9F052-141026)

By SpaceRef Editor
March 31, 2015
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Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), on behalf of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), is considering the acquisition of a new capability to evolve existing space vision capability on the International Space Station (ISS).

This new capability, the Dextre Deployable Vision System (DDVS), combines existing vision system technologies such as laser scanning, infrared sensors as well as high definition cameras in a novel robotically-compatible instrument. It will contribute directly to the general maintenance and upkeep required to keep the ISS operational, enhancing ISS inspection ability to support operations and maintenance of the aging ISS infrastructure, including Canada’s Mobile Servicing System.

The DDVS supports Canada’s continued commitment to the ISS and contributes to the nhancement of Canada’s return on ISS investment.

The new capability has the following mission objectives:

– Provide enhanced external surface inspection service to the ISS
– Advances in technologies needed for future exploration missions
– Robotic Mobility
– Minimize changes to the ISS operations practices
– Inspiring Canadians

The purpose of this Request for Information is to solicit information from the Canadian industry that will help PWGSC and the CSA refine mission requirements. Respondents are invited to provide comments, concerns and where applicable, alternative recommendations regarding how the requirements or objectives described in this RFI could best be satisfied. Respondents are also invited to provide comments regarding the content, format and/or organization of draft documents
included in this RFI. Respondents should explain any assumptions underpinning their responses.

The intended procurement approach is summarized as follows:

– Competitive Request for Proposals for Phase A, with an 8 week posting period
– Two firm fixed price procurements to be awarded for Phase A. CSA intends to require for Phase A that Bidders be industry which has had significant experience in developing
space qualified instruments.
– Competitive Request for Proposals for Phases B, C and optional Phase D
– One firm fixed price procurement to be awarded for Phases B, C and optional Phase D

– Access the Tender: Dextre Deployable Vision System (DDVS) (9F052-141026)


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