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Tempus Global Data, Inc. to Market Next Gen Space-Based Weather Data

By SpaceRef Editor
April 1, 2014
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Tempus Global Data, Inc. announced today that it has opened operations in Utah to deliver next generation weather data to commercial and government customers.

Tempus will provide critical weather data through the use of the Utah State University-built Sounding & Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology instrument under an exclusive agreement.  STORM is designed to be hosted on satellites flying in geostationary orbit, able to constantly observe a predetermined spot on earth from 22,000 miles above Earth.

STORM is a derivative of the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer sensor built for NASA by Utah State and leverages hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development investments by the U.S. Government to develop the technology. 

“Our manufacturing partner at Utah State University’s Advanced Weather Systems have the unique technical experience and expertise to design, build and test this game-changing sensor, and we are extremely pleased to be able to offer space-based weather data that is substantially more superior then anything currently available,” said Alan Hall, President and CEO of Tempus.  “During times when it matters, Tempus will be there to provide the most advanced and accurate weather data available.”

To accomplish this, STORM will measure a dense grid of temperature, moisture, wind profiles, which then can be used for atmospheric analyses and operational weather predictions.  Far more sensitive than current weather satellite assets, STORM will better predict localized severe weather, determine with more accuracy the path of a hurricanes and where they will hit land, and give better warning when threats of tornadoes occur.

“Every year, millions of people are adversely affected by the results severe weather and are dependent upon data provided by outdated weather sensors,” said Hall. “Our number one job is to change that paradigm – to provide better information to those who need to know so that we can enable decisions that may help save property and lives.”

Hall is a leading venture capitalist with expertise in the financing and developing of global operations, as well as a recognized national leader in sales and marketing. He is the founder, chairman and former CEO of MarketStar Corporation, a global outsourced marketing and sales company with a focus on assisting high technology companies increase sales through the small to medium business sectors. The company employs several thousand employees and generates billions of dollars in sales for its clientele.  Hall founded Grow Utah Ventures, and is the past chairman of the Utah Technology Council.

Mark Hurst, Executive Vice President, Tempus Global Data, Inc., 801.560.1435,; or Eric Warren, Director, Public Relations, Utah State University, 435.881.8439,



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