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Telesat launches satellite broadband Internet service

By SpaceRef Editor
May 27, 2005
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Telesat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, announced today the successful launch of its new two-way satellite broadband service. The new service, operating in the Ka-band on the company’s Anik F2 satellite, delivers always-on, always-ready high-speed Internet connectivity – anywhere in Canada.

“Telesat’s new satellite broadband service is an exciting advancement for the millions of Canadians who live in rural or remote communities,” said Dave Lahey, Telesat’s vice president of business development. “By delivering superior broadband access to places where geography or economics prevent traditional DSL or high-speed cable, Telesat is helping make Canada’s ‘digital divide’ a thing of the past.”

The new broadband satellite service is available to consumers through multiple distributors across the nation, including Barrett Xplore Inc., Infosat Communications Inc., Télébec, Limited Partnership, NorthernTel, Limited Partnership, and Northwestel Cable Inc. Barrett Xplore has begun its regional Ka-band rollout, and is planning to offer the service nationally within the coming weeks.

“Working from a rural area meant having two modems, two phone lines and costly, unreliable service,” said Jim Peterson, a resident of Casselman, Ontario, and new subscriber to Telesat’s broadband service. “Telesat’s satellite broadband service provides me with everything I need – reliable connections, VPN access and firewall hardware – with one line, one modem, and half the cost.”

Unlike traditional dial up, Telesat’s new always-on service provides access to fast download and upload capabilities – without sacrificing a phone line. Telesat service offers multiple tiers, including speeds as high as 2Mbps and 0.5 Mbps for download and upload capabilities, respectively.

About Telesat

Telesat is a pioneer and world leader in satellite operations and systems management. The company made history in 1972 with the launch of the first domestic commercial communications satellite in geostationary orbit. Today, Telesat competes with other top international satellite fleets in providing telecommunications and broadcasting services throughout the Americas, and is a leading consultant, operator and partner in satellite ventures around the globe. Telesat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BCE Inc., a leading communications company with shares listed in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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