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Talkdynamics IP-based intercom solution supports voice communications for ISS Space Operations

By SpaceRef Editor
June 17, 2008
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Talkdynamics Technologies Inc. (, provider of IP-based intercom and conferencing software solutions, has been awarded a contract from SESS GbR (Systems Engineering Support Services – to deploy Evoke, its VoIP conferencing and intercom system to support voice communications at the European Space Agency (ESA) for ISS (International Space Station) Operations.

Evoke will deliver secured and encrypted multi conference communication to remote users around the world via the Internet Protocol (IP). Evoke will integrate seamlessly with the existing mission conferencing system via the Evoke SIP Gateway connected to a standard 4-wire analog voice interface.

This Evoke deployment consists of setting up a multi-channel and IP-based voice communication link over the Internet, between, the Canadian Space Agency located in Montreal, Canada (CSA), and the Columbus Control Centre (Col-CC), located at the German Space Operations Center of the German Space Agency (DLR), in Munich, Germany. The Evoke system is deployed to support voice communications for the Microgravity Isolation System (MVIS) Project in ESA’s Columbus Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL) which is managed by the MARS Center (Microgravity Advanced Research and Support) located in Naples, Italy. The system will be used to coordinate, plan and communicate work between the different group and participant of the project, located in control and support centers around the globe.

Evoke provides proven and reliable packet-based audio protocol and technology developed by Talkdynamics. The innovative and proprietary network communication protocol enables very-high voice quality with wideband sampling and helps overcome the performance variation of the Internet with its packet loss recovery algorithm. Talkdynamics’s patent pending low latency multi-conferencing core provides Evoke with the highest VoIP conferencing capabilities by providing each users with unlimited number of voice sessions simultaneously, and in parallel.

“We are very proud and excited to deploy Evoke to support voice communication for ISS Space Operations” says Stephane Menard, President and CEO of Talkdynamics. “This is the logical continuity of the successful deployment of the VoIP conferencing system at the Italian Control Center back in 2005. We believe that utilizing the existing IP network to instantly communicate with remote users makes for a much more scaleable, flexible and cost-effective solution than traditional hardware and analog systems can provide. Evoke can be deployed and functional in less than an hour, while current voice hardware platforms require procurement, planning, shipping and installation.”

“This is a great addition to the ISS Columbus ground Segment” says Dave McMahon, SESS GbR’s Managing Director, “we are excited to provide the CSA with a cost effective communication solution for their operations”.

Talkdynamics is currently searching for partners, distributors or integrators for reselling Evoke in other markets. Please contact us for more information.

About Talkdynamics Technologies Inc.

Talkdynamics is a global provider of IP-based products and technology. Talkdynamics was founded in 2004 to develop and market voice and data solutions designed to provide high-quality, secured and instant voice and data communications to the enterprise, government and mobile markets. Talkdynamics’ unique technology works on any IP-based wired or wireless network and devices. Talkdynamics also provides development tools and embedded technology to software and hardware providers for the development of IP-based voice communication, conferencing and intercom solutions. Our core competencies encompass hardware, firmware and software integration, as well as software and protocol development. To find out more about Talkdynamics, visit or call 450.653.9669, ext 190.

About SESS GbR

Founded in 1999, SESS GbR is uniquely positioned to provide a broad spectrum of smart, customized system engineering and support solutions for the challenges faced by today’s space industry and commercial markets. SESS GbR has a solid track record of designing, defining and implementing complex systems and communications infrastructures. The company performed the design and definition of the Columbus Control Center’s subsystems and communications infrastructure with DLR, ESA and NASA in support of Columbus and ATV operations.

Source: Talkdynamics Technologies Inc.

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