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SwRI researcher awarded Urey Prize

By SpaceRef Editor
December 4, 2002
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Boulder, Colorado — December 4, 2002 — The Division for Planetary Sciences
of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) has awarded its Urey Prize in
Planetary Sciences to Dr. Robin M. Canup, assistant director of the Space
Studies Department at Southwest Research Institute. Canup was selected as
the 2003 recipient of the award, named in honor of the late Nobel laureate
Harold C. Urey, who made significant advances in the fields of physical
chemistry, geochemistry, lunar science, and astrochemistry.

The Urey Prize recognizes outstanding achievements in planetary science by a
young scientist. Canup was recognized for her groundbreaking research
contributions on the moon’s origin and dynamical evolution. She has
published numerous technical articles on the origin of the moon, planetary
and satellite formation, and the physics of planetary rings. She has also
given many commentaries on television and the popular science journals,
particularly on the formation of the moon.

“The Urey Prize is the world’s premier peer recognition award for
accomplishment by an outstanding young planetary scientist, and we are proud
of the fact that SwRI nurtures young scientists and engineers to achieve
great things,” says Dr. S. Alan Stern, director of the SwRI Space Studies
Department. “Robin is extremely hard-working, highly creative, and just
plain smart. She provides a tremendous role model for what an outstanding
young scientist can achieve.”

“Her significant contributions at this age leave us hopeful for the many
achievements yet to come,” says J. Dan Bates, SwRI president. “SwRI will
continue to support Robin and our other space scientists and engineers as
they take humankind’s understanding ever deeper into the solar system.”

Canup holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Duke University and a
doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder; she
joined SwRI in 1998. She will receive the Urey Prize and a cash award from
the AAS at the annual meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences in
Monterey, California, in September 2003.

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