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Surrey supplies GPS unit for International Space Station

By SpaceRef Editor
October 10, 2001
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SSTL has manufactured and prepared a space GPS receiver for delivery to SPACEHAB, Inc. Webster, Texas for use on its Enterprise Module on the International Space Station (ISS).

The SGR-20 is a 24-channel L1 C/A code GPS receiver with four antennas designed for operation in space, and provides accurate position, velocity and time to the orbital user. The reception of signals from multiple antennas permits better performance under obstructed conditions and also enables the determination of the attitude of the vehicle from GPS signals. The SGR-20 is able to initialise itself in orbit within four minutes from a cold start, and determines position to an accuracy of 10 metres.

The SGR-20 is one of a family of space GPS receivers produced by SSTL for application on low Earth orbiting satellites. All receivers have been demonstrated in orbit on SSTL’s own satellites, but products have also been delivered to external customers, including SPACEHAB and the European Space Agency.

The SGR-10 has been selected for two satellites currently under construction at the Surrey Space Centre: Alsat-1 a microsatellite for Algiera, and Biltensat-1 an enhanced microsatellite for Turkey. The SGR-05 is designed especially for very small satellites, weighs only 50 grammes, and has been demonstrated on SSTL’s 6.5kg SNAP-1 nanosatellite launched in 2000.



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