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State Lawmakers Voice Support For New Space Exploration Vision

By SpaceRef Editor
July 14, 2004
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NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe today expressed his
appreciation as legislators in at least seven states have
passed resolutions this summer in support of the new Vision
for Space Exploration.

Joint state senate and house resolutions have passed in
Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, while measures of support
have passed the state senates in Ohio, Texas and Kansas. In
California, both houses have passed separate resolutions of

In addition, the Aerospace States Association, which
represents 44 states and supports national aviation and space
policy development, expressed support for the Vision by
passing a resolution encouraging the exploration and
development of space.

“I appreciate the willingness of state lawmakers to get
involved and voice their support for NASA’s ongoing missions
of discovery and exploration,” said Administrator O’Keefe.
“History has demonstrated that space exploration benefits
everyone through new technologies and products, and often
leads to new jobs and economic growth and security.”

In January, the President announced a new long-term Vision
for Space Exploration that includes robotic and human
expeditions back to the moon and eventually on to Mars and

Besides the local and national economic benefits realized by
investing in the future of exploration, states that have
expressed support for the Vision cite the importance of
igniting students’ interest in mathematics, science and
technology as being vital to securing America’s future.

“This bold vision can help us attract and motivate the best
minds in this new century,” added Administrator O’Keefe.
“Leadership is earned. It’s not something we can simply
declare. America has been able to reap great benefits when
the power of the human intellect has been focused on great
challenges and opportunities.”

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