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Stafford-Covey Task Group Postpones August 26 Public Meeting

By SpaceRef Editor
August 20, 2004
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Stafford-Covey Task Group Postpones August 26 Public Meeting

The Stafford-Covey Return to Flight Task Group has
postponed its planned August 26 public meeting. Because of
the postponement, the media teleconference that would have
followed the meeting also has been postponed. The next task
group public meeting is planned for September.

The task group was to consider the testing and qualification
of the Solid Rocket Booster Bolt Catcher (Columbia Accident
Investigation Board Return to Flight recommendation 4.2-1),
as part of its assessment of NASA’s efforts to return the
Space Shuttle to flight. However, NASA has advised the task
group that it would like time to conduct additional tests and
assess the results before it formally presents the bolt
catcher package to the task group for closure consideration.

The task group is co-chaired by retired Air Force Lieutenant
General and former Apollo Mission Commander Thomas Stafford
and Covey, a former Space Shuttle Commander. The task group
is chartered to make an independent assessment of NASA’s
actions to implement the recommendations of the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board as they relate to the safety and
operational readiness of the next Space Shuttle flight.

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