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SpaceHorizon Announces Small Satellite Launch Services Portfolio Options From PocketQube to 1000 kg Satellites

By SpaceRef Editor
January 22, 2019
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SpaceHorizon is pleased to announce immediate availability of its launch services portfolio and is accepting orders for missions beginning in late 2019. The company has assembled a diverse portfolio of launch services to provide timely transportation into space, leveraging the growing number of commercial companies using new business models and technology to lower the cost to orbit.

“We put the small satellite owner first,” said SpaceHorizon president and founder Philip Berthiaume. “Time to orbit is driving the New Space age. We are partnering with several launch firms to provide quicker, more convenient access to space beyond the traditional rideshare model.”

Next-generation small satellite launchers provide commercial ventures, research organizations, and governments with right-sized access to orbit and more independence on launch schedule and orbital delivery.

“Traditional rideshare places the small satellite owner at the mercy of the largest paying customer,” Berthiaume said. “If that customer is delayed, so are the other dozen or more companies dependent upon that launch. SpaceHorizon believes small satellite owners need Lyft-style transportation options to augment the current bus ticket model.”

Today’s small satellite mission can be anything from a single sub-kilogram PocketQube to multiple dorm fridge-size ESPA-class satellites deployed in the same orbital plane. One launcher won’t fit all needs. SpaceHorizon is working with several established and emerging launch firms to provide a balanced catalog of services for placing satellites into orbit, giving the customer options based on payload mass, orbit, budget, time to launch, and established flight record.

About SpaceHorizon:

SpaceHorizon is a Canadian firm providing transportation to space. With a developing portfolio including commercial and native-built options for launching anything from PocketQubes to 1000 kilograms into orbit, the company’s ultimate goal is build a 100 percent Canadian vehicle to be launched from Canadian territory. SpaceHorizon’s axiom is “Reach Higher Canada” and believes that Canada must have a direct role in accessing space.

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