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SpaceDev Propels SpaceShipOne Close to Outer Space Third Powered Flight Sets New Records

By SpaceRef Editor
May 18, 2004
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SpaceDev’s hybrid rocket motor technology successfully propelled
SpaceShipOne on its third, and record-breaking, manned flight on May
13, 2004. SpaceShipOne accelerated to record setting altitudes and
speed, both higher than in previous powered flights, thus bringing the
Scaled Composites team a step closer to winning the $10 million Ansari

The White Knight carrier released SpaceShipOne at 46,000 feet, and
SpaceDev’s hybrid rocket motor was ignited 10 seconds after release
and burned for the full planned 55 seconds. The rocket ship, with
pilot Mike Melvill at the controls, achieved a speed of Mach 2.5 and
climbed to 211,400 feet, over 40 miles above the Earth, and 106,400
feet further toward space than the previous record of 105,000 feet.
NASA and the Air Force award astronaut wings at 50 miles.

SpaceShipOne’s first powered flight took place on December 17,
2003, with SpaceDev’s hybrid motor firing for 15 seconds. A second
powered flight occurred on April 8th of this year. In that mission,
the motor burned for 40 seconds. Scaled Composites spokesperson Kaye
LeFebvre told TechNewsWorld that Scaled next plans to push a test
flight higher to the 100-kilometer mark, or about 62.5 miles. “With
today’s flight, much of the major technical challenges have been
overcome. It’s just a matter of going higher with more people,” said
Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan. LeFebvre said that Scaled would
work to add additional occupants to the craft to meet the X-Prize
requirement for three travelers.

“This most recent SpaceShipOne flight, powered by SpaceDev’s
hybrid rocket propulsion system, flying higher and faster than before,
is like a dream made to come true through the imagination and skill of
the SpaceDev and Scaled engineers,” said Benson. “These flights are
helping SpaceDev realize our mission of moving space flight to the
private sector and opening it to the general public. Some surveys and
analysts project the possibility of a multibillion commercial space
tourism business, and SpaceDev intends to participate in that market
to the fullest extent possible. These successful, private sector
rocket-powered human flights demonstrate that the commercial sector
can supply safe and affordable human space flight. As a company, all
of us here are excited that SpaceDev is helping make space happen for
all of humanity,” added Benson.

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev creates and sells affordable and innovative
space products and solutions to government and commercial enterprises.
Upon founding SpaceDev in 1996, Jim Benson started the trend of
successful computer entrepreneurs moving into the space development
arena. For more information, visit

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