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SpaceDev Appoints Susan Benson to the Board of Directors

By SpaceRef Editor
April 13, 2005
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SpaceDev, Inc.
has appointed Susan Benson to its Board of Directors,
bringing the total number of board members to 9, five of whom are
independent directors.

Ms. Benson joined SpaceDev in 1997, serving as corporate secretary
until 2003. From approximately 1998 to 2004, Ms. Benson was, in part,
responsible for the Company’s investor relations and public relations
activities, managing SpaceDev’s strategic messaging to build industry
and media awareness as well as strengthening shareholder relations.

Prior to joining SpaceDev, Ms. Benson was the customer support
manager for Compusearch Software Systems in McLean, Virginia from 1986
through 1995. Ms. Benson also served as secretary/treasurer of the
Compusearch Software Systems Board of Directors.

Ms. Benson currently owns approximately 4.6 million shares of
SpaceDev common stock.

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev creates and sells affordable and innovative
space products and solutions to government and commercial enterprises.
SpaceDev’s innovations include the design, manufacture, marketing and
operation of sophisticated micro- and nano- satellites, hybrid
rocket-based orbital Maneuvering and orbital Transfer Vehicles as well
as sub-orbital and orbital hybrid rocket-based propulsion systems for
safe human space flight. Upon founding SpaceDev in 1997, Jim Benson
started the trend of successful computer entrepreneurs moving into the
space development arena. For more information, visit

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