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Space Perspective moves closer to the edge of space, with seed round financing and a stellar investment team

By SpaceRef Editor
December 2, 2020
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Space Perspective today announced it has closed a $7 million series seed financing for the development and early flights of Spaceship Neptune to the edge of space. The infusion of capital advances the human space flight company another step closer to fundamentally changing the way people have access to space for research and tourism.


“We are delighted to welcome our new investors to the Space Perspective team. We selected them because they are the cutting edge of venture capital. Their active approach to supporting founders is a critical component of executing on our mission to give people the life-changing experience of seeing our planet in space,” said Space Perspective Founder and Co-CEO Jane Poynter, who made the announcement today at the Web Summit 2020.


“Our ability to make space accessible in unprecedented ways carries immense importance,” added Taber MacCallum, also Founder and Co-CEO. “We are grateful that this premier group of investors recognizes that space tourism has arrived and is a significant driver in the future growth of commercial spaceflight.”


The financing was led by Prime Movers Lab, the lead investor in Momentus who recently announced its SPAC merger, and Base Ventures who is a leading Silicon Valley tech fund. The investor group also includes world-renowned entrepreneur, author and business strategist Tony Robbins, and venture capital firms Kirenaga Partners Central Florida Tech Fund, 1517 Fund, Schox, E2MC Ventures and SpaceFund Venture Capital. Anton Brevde of Prime Movers and Kirby Harris of Base Ventures serve on the Space Perspective Board of Directors. David Scalzo of Kirenaga is an advisor.


“My life is dedicated to delivering people extraordinary experiences that expand human consciousness,” said Tony Robbins. “I always say a belief is a poor substitute for an experience and Jane and Taber’s work at Space Perspective will deliver a life changing experience to people across the world and help us all realize that we are part of a human family sharing this remarkable planet.” 

“We are thrilled to be leading Space Perspective’s seed round,” said Anton Brevde. “We are big believers in the future space economy and space tourism is a segment we have been tracking closely. It’s clear that there is massive consumer demand to explore this final frontier and we believe seeing Earth from the edge of space will have a profound impact on those who experience it. What attracted us to Jane and Taber’s vision and approach was the safety, accessibility, and tranquility of the Space Perspective experience.”


Space Perspective will safely fly a pilot, passengers and research payloads to the edge of space and back via its Spaceship Neptune, a high-performance space balloon and pressurized capsule. Neptune’s gentle and comfortable six-hour flight offers people the life-changing experience of seeing Earth in the blackness of space. The company’s first test flight, Neptune 1, is slated for around the end of first quarter 2021 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility (managed by Space Florida). This test flight will be with an un-crewed, unpressurized capsule and is the first step towards operational flights, currently targeted for 2024, with tickets going on sale in early 2021. Neptune’s commercial human spaceflight launches are regulated by the FAA Office of Commercial Spaceflight.


To learn more, visit Visit this link to view the electronic media kit, including leadership headshots, conceptual imagery and video.


About Space Perspective
Space Perspective is a human spaceflight company committed to fundamentally changing people’s view and perception of Earth. Using a high-performance space balloon and pressurized capsule technology that gently travels to and from the edge of space over a six-hour period, the spacecraft offers opportunities for groundbreaking research and life-changing travel experiences for off-world explorers. Space Perspective is led by a team of professionals that have developed or operated all human balloon flights to the edge of space in the last 50 years. For more information, visit Follow Space Perspective on social media for updates: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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