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Space Imaging Signs Raytheon Australia as a Master Reseller

By SpaceRef Editor
January 14, 2003
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Raytheon Australia to Have Exclusive Market for IKONOS Imagery in Australasia

Space Imaging announced today they have
signed an agreement where Raytheon Australia has become a master reseller of
Space Imaging’s products and services including imagery from IKONOS, the
world’s first commercial high-resolution Earth imaging satellite.
The agreement allows Raytheon Australia to exclusively sell high-resolution,
high-accuracy satellite data from IKONOS to customers throughout Australasia,
which includes Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Space Imaging has imaged most of Australia during the past three years —
ever since the launch of IKONOS. This 5.5 million sq km of nearly-cloud-free-
imagery of the continent is currently available to customers around the world.
Beginning this year, customers in Australasia will buy imagery from either
Raytheon Australia or one of its resellers. Customers can also select from
the more than 900,000 images in Space Imaging’s IKONOS archive for imagery
elsewhere around the globe. Imagery from IKONOS can be taken at a resolution
of .82 meters and is the most map-accurate satellite imagery in the world.

“This appointment represents a significant vote of confidence in Raytheon
Australia and gives our resellers and customers access to the range of Space
Imaging products from a single source in Australia,” said Ron Fisher, managing
director of Raytheon Australia. “IKONOS is the only high resolution satellite
with true stereo capability which allows customers to develop Digital
Elevation Models (DEM) for catchment modeling, urban planning,
telecommunication solutions, salinity monitoring and much more.”

“Raytheon Australia will be a great business partner in this region as a
result of their knowledge of the market and customer,” said John Copple, chief
executive officer of Space Imaging. “Raytheon Australia’s GIS resources and
capabilities, and strong market presence makes this a key relationship for
Space Imaging.”

Raytheon Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company
(NYSE: RTNNews), which globally has several decades of experience in the
geospatial industry. The company is a world leader in geospatial technology,
and employs over 400 staff in Australia. Raytheon Australia has been
providing technical services since 1994.

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products and
services derived from space imagery and aerial photography. The company
launched the world’s first high-resolution, commercial Earth imaging
satellite, IKONOS(TM), on Sept. 24, 1999. Other products are produced from
the Indian Remote Sensing satellites, the U.S. Landsat satellites and Canada’s
RADARSAT. Space Imaging also delivers aerial-derived imagery products
collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging System (DAIS-1(TM)). For more
information about Space Imaging visit its web site at .

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