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Space Imaging Granted California Multiple Award Schedule Contract

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2001
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Space Imaging, the world’s leader in
providing Earth imagery and related services to commercial and government
markets, announced today that its Sacramento, Calif. office has been awarded a
California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract by the State of California.
The contract allows state and local agencies in California to easily purchase
consulting services from Space Imaging at prices assessed to be fair,
reasonable and competitive.

The CMAS program enables agencies to evaluate information technology
consulting services offered by Space Imaging Services, also known as Pacific
Meridian Resources, and establish contracts through an efficient system that
eliminates the costly and time-consuming bid process.
Through the CMAS
program, Space Imaging provides services and prices from an already existing,
competitively assessed contract.

“Our services are designed for organizations and businesses involved in
the collection, analysis, and integration of geospatial information with
natural resources, evaluation of wildfire risk, urban and land use management,
transportation analysis and ecosystem management,” said Andrew Lewis, regional
director, Sacramento office of Space Imaging Solutions.
“Our visual
information products make a visible difference to our customers.”

GIS and remote sensing consulting services offered under the Space Imaging
CMAS contract include: project planning; IT requirement analysis; database
design and development; application design and development, land cover
mapping; satellite and airborne image acquisition; programming and
documentation; systems integration; quality assurance/quality control; and
on-site support.

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products and
services derived from space imagery and aerial photography.
The company
launched the world’s first and only one-meter resolution, commercial Earth
imaging satellite, IKONOS, on Sept. 24, 1999.
Other products are produced
from the Indian Remote Sensing satellites, Canada’s RADARSAT and the European
Space Agency’s ERS satellites.
Space Imaging also delivers aerial-derived
imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging System
For detailed information about Space Imaging, visit its Web
site at

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