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Space Imaging Eurasia Starts Direct Tasking of IKONOS Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
January 25, 2002
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Space Imaging Eurasia, located in Ankara,
Turkey, has started direct tasking and data collection of high-resolution
imagery from the IKONOS satellite.
Space Imaging Eurasia is the newest
Regional Affiliate of Space Imaging.
The IKONOS satellite is the world’s
first commercial high-resolution Earth imaging satellite.
The regional
operation center and ground station is able to collect imagery directly from
the IKONOS satellite as it passes through a 4,600 km diameter communications
circle centered over Ankara.
Space Imaging Eurasia is selling IKONOS-based
imagery products and services to commercial and government clients in the
Eurasia region and exclusively in Turkey.
Space Imaging Eurasia, also known
as INTA Space Systems, is a partnership of Cukurova Holding, one of the
largest conglomerate corporations in Turkey, and Uydusan Inc.

“We are the first in our region to bring our customers the most advanced,
leading-edge remote sensing technology in the world,” said Mehmet Sepil, chief
executive officer of Space Imaging Eurasia.
“In this most dynamic region of
the world, our ability to provide localized service and deliver products in
the shortest period of time, gives us a distinct advantage in the

“We are very pleased that Space Imaging Eurasia is now able to directly
task, download, process and sell IKONOS imagery,” said John Copple, Space
Imaging’s chief executive officer.
“In the first two years of sales of IKONOS
products, we have seen demand grow worldwide for this information-rich,
geospatial information.
This new state-of-the-art regional operation center
will provide customers in the Eurasia region with a superior tool to meet
their demands for visual Earth information products.”

Data from IKONOS is expected to have unlimited applications in a number of
markets including energy and natural resources, transportation,
telecommunications, national security, mapping, infrastructure planning,
disaster and crisis management, agriculture and forestry.

“Space Imaging Eurasia is another example of our commitment in providing
quality, regionalized customer service.
This regional operation center gives
our customers a distinct advantage in their ability to easily access
space-based imagery of their region,” said Paul Tinney, executive vice
president, Space Imaging Global Alliances.
“We are really excited about Space
Imaging Eurasia’s dedication to the geospatial business and to their

Space Imaging Eurasia is a member of the growing Space Imaging Global
Network (SIGN), a worldwide network of Regional Affiliates capable of tasking,
processing and selling IKONOS products. Regional Affiliates are also located
in Seoul, Korea (Space Imaging Asia), Tokyo, Japan (Japan Space Imaging), and
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Space Imaging Middle East).

About Space Imaging Eurasia

Space Imaging Eurasia (INTA Space Systems Inc.) provides high-resolution
satellite imagery of the Eurasia region, which includes Europe, parts of the
Middle East, North Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia regions.
INTA Space
Systems Inc. was established in February 2001, as a partnership between
Cukurova Holding and Uydusan Inc.
They are a member of the Space Imaging
Global Network, enabling coordination between other ground stations to provide
imagery products and services beyond the Eurasia Region.
For more information
about Space Imaging Eurasia visit its web site at .

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products and
services derived from space imagery and aerial photography.
The company
launched the world’s first and only one-meter resolution, commercial Earth
imaging satellite, IKONOS, on Sept. 24, 1999.
Other products are produced
from the Indian Remote Sensing satellites, the U.S. Landsat satellites and
Canada’s RADARSAT.
Space Imaging also delivers aerial-derived imagery
products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging System (DAIS-1(TM)).
For more information about Space Imaging visit its web site at .

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