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Space Foundation and MILO Space Science Institute Announce Program to Increase Participation in Space Exploration and Commerce

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April 7, 2022
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 Space Foundation, a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, today announced a new partnership between its Space Commerce Institute and the MILO Space Science Institute led by Arizona State University to offer Space Studio Accelerator a 12-week program designed to increase participation in space exploration and commerce. The program prepares teams for space missions and commercialization efforts, teaching participants how to become a successful part of the new space economy.

Space Studio participants from universities, startups, and public-private partnerships engage with space industry to create new collaborations, ventures and acquisitions. The program’s goal is to train teams to better understand the lifecycle of the global space industry, advance the supply chain, and focus on problem-solving and project management. Teams will learn how to develop innovative solutions that create sustainable pathways to contribute to their regional space ecosystems.


Kelli Kedis Ogborn, Space Foundation’s vice president of space commerce and entrepreneurship remarked, “Space Commerce Institute’s partnership with MILO allows us to further drive innovation, reshape markets and create a sustainable pipeline into the rapidly changing space ecosystem. Space Studio Accelerator will assist participants in gaining critical capabilities necessary for career advancement.”


Teams will be provided with technical information related to their destination, launch and mobility vehicles, communications, and mission operations. Participants develop payload technology while simultaneously learning entrepreneurial principles and best practices for scaling their businesses.


The Space Studio program culminates in a “Demo Day” where reviewers with subject matter expertise in space commerce assess the teams for technology and investment potential. Reviewers are selected from potential industry partners, investors, and government representatives who can help the team engage in their desired markets and future funding opportunities.


“The collaboration with Space Foundation allows us to open doors for more people to participate in space exploration,” said David Thomas, executive director of MILO. “Space encompasses many domains. As we are building capacity, we are training not just the next generation of space explorers but also the next generation of ‘Earth solvers.’ These are transferable skills.”


About Space Commerce Institute


Space Commerce Institute is a program offered by Center for Innovation and Education to facilitate access and growth for university students, entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals in the global space ecosystem. The program offers four distinct pillars of service, each designed at various levels to support specialized needs throughout phases of growth: Space Foundation University, Professional Development, Consulting Services, and Specialized Programming. To learn more about Space Commerce Institute, visit


About MILO


MILO Space Science Institute is led by Arizona State University with support from Lockheed Martin. The Institute was created to provide access to space science missions for every nation on the planet by implementing programs designed to make space exploration affordable and accessible. MILO’s structured program builds capacity for space faring nations, assisting in workforce development through the ASU Mission Academy, and offering ride share opportunities on missions to earth-observing orbits, lunar destinations, and deep space. MILO programs advance science goals for resource security on earth, human presence on the moon, and deepening our understanding of asteroids.


About Center for Innovation and Education


Center for Innovation and Education, a division of Space Foundation, is a lifelong learning provider for the global space ecosystem that offers workforce development and economic opportunity for pre-K-12 and university students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesses and space professionals. Programs and resources are delivered in person or virtually around the globe. Through its Workforce Development Roadmap of programs and resources, Center for Innovation and Education enhances the outlook and opportunities for careers, jobs and business ventures. To learn more about Center for Innovation and Education, please visit, and visit to learn more about Space Foundation Discovery Center.


About Space Foundation


Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to information, education and collaboration for space exploration and space-to-Earth industries that define the global space ecosystem. Driven by a partnership model, Space Foundation operates three divisions that unite the entire spectrum of stakeholders — business, government, education and local communities — through support from corporate membership, sponsorship, fundraising and grants. Symposium 365 is the premier source for media and events, including Space Symposium and The Space ReportCenter for Innovation and Education is a lifelong learning provider; and Global Alliance facilitates collaboration around the world. Visit Space Foundation at, and follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.




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