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Space For Humanity Opens Applications for Planet’s First Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Program

By SpaceRef Editor
July 8, 2021
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Space For Humanity, the non-profit creating the planet’s first Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Program to send citizens of diverse racial, economic and disciplinary backgrounds into space, today opened the application process for leaders, from any walk of life, to apply for an opportunity to go to space.

Since the beginning, astronaut missions have focused on science and exploration. But one of their most profound discoveries is the cognitive shift astronauts experience from looking back at Earth from space.

To give more people access to this transformational perspective, Space for Humanity is sponsoring a group of exceptional leaders to join the world’s first Citizen Astronaut Program. Applicants will be selected by a diverse committee to enter into the organization’s Leadership Training and Cohort program.

“Only 570 people have ever flown to space and single ticket prices leave the experience of space accessible to only the top 1% of the 1%.” said Ryan Kriser, Vice Chair and Chair-Elect of the Board of Space For Humanity. “Our mission at Space For Humanity is to give more people, from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life the opportunity to gain the kind of perspective that is only possible from space. We believe that we have to change the way we see the world to solve the problems that exist within it.”

Space For Humanity’s mission is deeply rooted in the principles of the “Overview Effect,” which is the experience astronauts are presented with when viewing the Earth from orbit, offering an expanded opportunity to see the profound beauty, wholeness, and interconnectedness of our home planet. These astronauts gain an understanding of the miraculousness of life, and the uniqueness of our existence. They recognize that, as humans, our commonalities far outweigh our differences. Space For Humanity is sending exceptional leaders to space to experience the Overview Effect and lead from that perspective here on Earth.

“So many of the initiatives we see today are simply addressing the symptoms of a greater problem that reflects an individual, cultural or governmental perspective,” added Rachel Lyons, Executive Director of Space For Humanity. “Our own perspective is what governs our belief and behavior. Our goal in establishing a citizen astronaut program is to not just send leaders to space, but in doing so inspire important conversations and organize meaningful collaborations to address the world’s most intractable challenges.”

Founded in 2017, Space For Humanity is the first organization to take on the challenge of sending humans to space. Space for Humanity’s goals are to leverage the transformational power of the Overview Effect to enact positive change. The organization is conducting research to support the Overview Effect’s emergence as a viable strategy for positive social, economic, political and environmental impact on Earth.

To apply to the planet’s first Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Program, visit

About Space for Humanity

Space for Humanity is expanding access to space for all of humanity. We are organizing the planet’s first Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Program, where leaders, from any walk of life, can apply for an opportunity to go to space and experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness that occurs when a human being looks down on the Earth from space.

Through our citizen spaceflight program, leadership training, and collaborative efforts to educate the public, we are setting the stage to create the world we want, both here on Earth and throughout the cosmos. We are ranked in the top 100 non-profits globally, in terms of online engagement. For more information, please visit

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