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Space Elevator Company Co-Founder Forms New Venture

By SpaceRef Editor
March 17, 2003
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LiftPort Dedicated to Development of Commercial ‘Railroad’ To Space

The president and
co-founder of HighLift Systems, the Seattle-based company that
received funds from NASA to research building an elevator to space,
today announced the formation of a new company dedicated to the
commercial development of a thoroughfare to space. LiftPort Inc.,
established by Michael Laine, will focus on the construction phase of
the space elevator, as well as the creation of commerce in space.

Laine will serve as president of the new company, which he is
starting as a direct result of the completion of the NASA funds.

“Now that the NASA grant is ending, it’s important to take the
space elevator concept from research to commercial development,” said
Laine. “Through companies such as HighLift Systems and Eureka
Scientific, the initial Phase I and Phase II research reports have
been completed. Now it’s time to actively take the research and turn
this into commercial development.”

The space elevator concept has been the subject of research by the
scientific community for more than half a century. Through
organizations such as Eureka Scientific and HighLift, as well as
NASA’s own efforts, the initial research reports on building a space
elevator have been completed. As proposed in these reports, the space
elevator will consist of a carbon nanotube ribbon stretching some
62,000 miles from earth to space. The elevator will be anchored to an
offshore sea platform near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, and to a
small counterweight in space. Mechanical lifters will move up and down
the ribbon, carrying such items as satellites, solar power systems
and, eventually, people into space.

“While HighLift Systems was one of several groups dedicated to the
initial research on the project, LiftPort is focused on making the
space elevator a reality,” said Laine.

Laine is in the process of assembling a team of technology,
marketing and operations staff for the newly formed company.

Headquartered in Bremerton, Wash., LiftPort Inc. is a privately
held company dedicated to the development of the first elevator to
space. The company is located at 245 4th Street, Suite 508, Bremerton,
Wash. 98337. More information can be obtained at the company’s web
site at


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