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Space Data Association: Asteroid DA14 poses no threat to satellites

By SpaceRef Editor
February 13, 2013
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The Space Data Association (SDA), established by commercial satellite operators to improve the safety and efficiency of space operations, today announced the results of its analysis related to the imminent approach of the DA14 asteroid, concluding that there are no satellites threatened by the asteroid. A comparison between the asteroid trajectory and the public space catalog shows that DA14 will come no closer than 1,000 km to any space object, and will not threaten any operational objects or create debris in any orbit. Additionally, an analysis of SDA participating satellites, GPS and GLONASS, shows that DA14 will come no closer than 5,630 km to any of those operational satellites. For reference, satellite operators are normally concerned with uncoordinated flybys of less than 10 km.

“There is no reason to believe that this asteroid poses a threat to any satellites in Earth orbit,” said Dr. T.S. Kelso, Space Data Center Operations Manager for SDA. “In fact, of all the ways for an asteroid to pass between Earth and the geostationary belt, we are fortunate that DA14 will follow one of the safest possible routes.”

About SDA

The Space Data Association Limited (SDA) is a non-profit international association of satellite operators that supports the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of data critical to the safety and integrity of the space environment and the RF spectrum. It maintains the Space Data Center, a database of high-accuracy orbital information, which is operated by Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) of Exton, PA. Established in the Isle of Man, its executive members are Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES. The SDA is open to all satellite operators and other participants. Membership information can be found at

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