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Space Access 2019 Seeks to Open the Doors of Affordable, Reliable Access to Space

By SpaceRef Editor
March 14, 2019
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“Make orbit and you’re halfway to anywhere in the solar system,” science fiction author Robert Heinlein once said. The Space Access Conference focuses on how to make this routinely affordable, so the many different space dreams we’ve all grown up with can start becoming reality. After a 3-year hiatus, the Space Access Conference comes to the Bay Area from its historic home in Phoenix, AZ, as “Space Access 2019” this April 18th-21st. It has been described as a “Hackers” conference for rocket people, with three days of total immersion in making the future happen. It is known for its intensive all-day-and-evening program, building camaraderie among attendees ranging from amateur enthusiasts to industry leaders, from veterans of the field to students just arrived.

“There is no shortage of cool things we could do in space,” says Space Access founder Henry Vanderbilt. “Things that would vastly increase humanity’s clean energy and resources and let us turn this planet into a nature preserve. Things that would vastly expand our range of comfortable habitats. Large-scale projects that would vastly increase our knowledge of the Universe. These all have one thing in common: None will happen without radically cheaper space transportation.” The Space Access Conference is where rocket builders, space technologists, access activists, and amateur enthusiasts hear the latest progress reports and share new ideas on making those space dreams possible.

Space Access 2019 will host a cross-section of the affordable space access community, talking about what’s going on now and what happens next, in an intensive informal atmosphere, single-track throughout so you don’t have to miss anything. On Thursday the focus will be on the current Entrepreneurial Revolution in Smallsat Launch. On Friday, the near-future transition to Reusable-Rocket Transport Networks in Earth-Moon Space. And on Saturday, the long-term prospects for Getting There Faster: Advanced High-Energy Space Propulsion. The conference will be at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley, 46100 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538 (across the 880 Highway from the Tesla Factory.) Rooms are available at the Marriott at a $130 conference rate. (See the website for further details:

Conference registration is $180 ($60 for students), $300 for Exhibitors and $400 for Patrons if registering online by March 26th. Rates go up after the 26th. Online registration is available at:

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