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Soyuz – Galileo IOV launch delayed

By SpaceRef Editor
October 20, 2011
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Today’s launch of Soyuz with Galileo IOV is delayed. The launch countdown has been stopped and a new launch date will be announced later today.

Earlier post: Galileo’s Soyuz launcher fuelling

Formal permission has been granted to begin fuelling the Soyuz ST-B standing ready to launch the first two Galileo satellites into orbit.

The Soyuz ST-B was moved to its launch pad on 14 October and the Upper Composite containing twin Galileo In-Orbit Validation satellites was placed on top of it the same day.

On 18 October a complete dress rehearsal for the launch was carried out and the Soyuz passed its Launcher Readiness Review the next day. Lift off is scheduled for 12:34 CEST (10:34 GMT) today, a precise timing designed to inject the two Galileo satellites into their precise orbital plane. The satellites will be lifted into their final 23 222 km orbit by their Fregat-MT upper stage. They are held in place by a launch dispenser which at 16:26 CEST (14:26 GMT) will deploy them into orbit.

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