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SmallSat Launch Company Teams with C8 Secure to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions for Space Industry

By SpaceRef Editor
April 7, 2022
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SmallSat launch services provider Vaya Space announced their strategic partnership with C8 Secure to provide turn-key cybersecurity solutions for the space industry. In addition, Vaya Space has agreed to provide launch services to Continent 8 Technologies, the parent corporation of C8 Secure, as they develop and implement plans to create a new satellite constellation to augment their global network of data centers.

Continent 8 Technologies currently operates advanced data centers at 80 locations across Europe, the Americas and Asia, providing highly reliable managed hosting services, security and global network solutions for today’s online business-critical platforms.

C8 Secure, the security initiative sector of Continent 8 Technologies, provides security solutions to businesses worldwide, with the use of strategic monitoring, threat protection, and incident response initiatives to help companies mitigate the rising number of cyber-attacks.

Michael Tobin, Founder & CEO of Continent 8 said, “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Vaya Space. It’s a complete game changer that brings three industry-leading organizations together. Continent 8 has always been deeply committed to reliable innovation and continued investment in advanced data centers, networks, and digital infrastructure technology. This partnership allows us to literally bring our network into space, while at the same time knowing that Vaya’s customers and partners will be protected by the cybersecurity solutions that C8 Secure provides.”

Patrick Gardner, Managing Partner at C8 Secure, stated, “We are honored with the opportunity to extend our cybersecurity solution reach from customer premises to data centers and now space. Space-based systems and regulatory frameworks represent unique new challenges, and we are up to the task, drawing upon our history of security and compliance success.”

With cybersecurity needs becoming more complex, modern solutions are needed more than ever. C8 Secure is building one of the most comprehensive, multi-layered cyber defense systems fortifying their complete end-to-end solution leading their decision to create their own constellation using the aerospace company Vaya Space, with their world-class innovation, next-gen technology, and exact launch placements. The constellation will enable Continent 8 technologies to increase network footprint, availability, and performance.

Jack Blood, Vaya Space Vice President said, “World events emphasize the growing vulnerability to the physical and digital security of data networks. Our partnership with C8 Secure, a new Continent 8 Technologies company, will help to provide launch customers with turn-key cybersecurity solutions for satellite network operations, payloads, and constellations. We are also pleased to provide launch services to Continent 8, helping to realize their vision of a planned satellite constellation.”

About Vaya Space:

Vaya Space is a hybrid rocket propulsion and SmallSat launch services company leveraging advances in additive manufacturing to redefine the environmental impact, cost, performance, and safety of space access, accepting launch reservations for 2023.

About Continent 8:

Continent 8 is an award-winning, multi-jurisdictional, global network solutions provider that connects, manages, and secures the world’s most valuable information with over 80 connected locations spanning Europe, the Americas and Asia. Expanding rapidly, its carrier-grade networks power some of the biggest brands in iGaming, as well as companies in the finance, payment processing and public services industries.

About C8 Secure:

C8 Secure is a comprehensive, multi-layered solution provider, focused on threat prevention, protecting customers in highly regulated industries, and certified as a service provider in multiple jurisdictions.


Mary Baldino

SpaceRef staff editor.