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Slooh to Livestream Astronomy Science Lesson For Homebound K-12 Students

By SpaceRef Editor
March 17, 2020
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Join Slooh Astronomer Paul Cox and Slooh Educator Russell Glenn for an astronomy lesson livestream featuring Slooh’s online telescopes, on Thursday, March 19th, 2020 at 4:30 PM EDT ¦ 20:30UTC. Slooh’s live lesson will be educational, inspiring and soothing and include views of space from Slooh’s ten online telescopes, including those situated at its world-class flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands which makes daytime astronomy possible for students in the United States. During the program, students will learn how to explore space by following in the footsteps of famous astronomers to make their own personal discoveries using Slooh’s Quest curriculum. 

The free, live astronomy lesson will be streamed via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, as well as from any websites that want to embed the live YouTube video as per the instructions below. Students will be able to ask questions on Slooh’s website (membership required). 

About Slooh Education 
Educational institutions such as schools, after-school programs, libraries, science centers and planetariums that may have to close their doors due to the virus can continue to serve their constituents by leveraging Slooh Education’s Astronomy Club to engage students and citizens from home to explore space together via a network of online telescopes which includes curriculum learning activities and support from our astronomy educators. See how Chicago Public Schools and other schools are using Slooh for remote learning, and how libraries and science centers are using Slooh to offer their own local online astronomy clubs. Learn more at Slooh Education. 

Event Details 

Event Timing for Thursday, March 19th, 2020: 
Live Streams Commence: 4:30 PM EST ¦ 1:30 PM PST ¦ 20:30UTC 
Live Streams Ends: 5:30 PM EST ¦ 2:30 PM PST ¦ 21:30UTC 

TO WATCH Slooh’s live coverage: 

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To Embed the Slooh Livestream 

TO EMBED Slooh’s coverage into any website: Visit our YouTube Event page and then click “Share” below the video and then select “Embed” to get the embed code to insert into your webpage. 

If you embed our livestream, you must adhere to the following: 

Slooh owns all copyright to the text, images, photographs, video, audio, graphics, user interface, and other content provided on Slooh live broadcasts. Slooh may run ads before, during, or after any broadcast. 

The following copy must be included in the page where the broadcast is embedded: 

“Visit to snap and share your own photos from this live event, and interact with our hosts and guests, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes.”

“Courtesy of Slooh” must be located adjacent to the feed with a link back to 


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