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Sinclair Interplanetary & Wyvern Join Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation as First Host Organizations

By SpaceRef Editor
May 18, 2021
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Sinclair Interplanetary and Wyvern have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation that support the spirit of a sustainable and diverse Canadian aerospace workforce. Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation is a Canadian Not-For-Profit organization delivering bespoke mentorship and professional development opportunities in Canada’s aerospace industry. 

Toronto-based Sinclair Interplanetary, a Rocket Lab company, is a best-in-class developer of space hardware. Edmonton-based Wyvern, provides affordable and high-resolution images of the earth to analytics firms using small satellites. Both companies join the Zenith family as the first Zenith Fellowship Host Organizations, and intend to hire a Zenith Fellow in 2022.

“Over the years Sinclair Interplanetary has had wonderful experiences with interns, and we’ve done our best to make sure they have a great experience with us. But due to resource limitations, our recruitment efforts have always been primarily passive – we hire from the relatively small pool of people who find us.” says Cordell Grant, VP Operations, Satellite Components. “We’re very excited that Zenith will make more students aware of Sinclair internship opportunities while bringing a broader and more diverse set of students to our attention. It’s a win-win situation for all.”

“Wyvern is happy to support the Zenith Fellowship as one of the first Host Organizations, alongside Sinclair Interplanetary. We believe in training the next generation of Canada’s space workforce right here in Alberta; Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation gave us the perfect opportunity to contribute to a diverse & capable future workforce.” says Co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development Kristen Cote.

“The Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation is thrilled to welcome Sinclair Interplanetary and Wyvern as the 1st Host Organizations of our flagship Zenith Fellowship program. A bespoke mentorship and professional development program, the Zenith Fellowship connects early-career professionals to jobs and Canadian senior-level mentors in the space sector.” says Co-Founder and Director Tahir Merali. “Host Organizations are key partners for a successful Fellowship. Sinclair Interplanetary and Wyvern continue to build on their commitments to train students and recent graduates in technical skills critical to the sustainment of Canada’s highly-qualified workforce. Welcome!” 

The Foundation is seeking prospective Host Organizations and Strategic Partners interested in engaging with the Zenith Fellowship to facilitate Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) opportunities Canada-wide. Applications for the Zenith Fellowship are slated to open Fall 2021, with a first class of Fellows announced in early 2022. Selection criteria will evaluate submitted content and creative pieces, external references, community involvement and academic proficiency with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion to select Zenith Fellows for matched placements with Host Organizations and External Mentors. The Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation strongly encourages all gender identities, Indigenous and visible minority students and recent graduates to apply. For more information visit 

About Sinclair Interplanetary

Toronto-based Sinclair Interplanetary was acquired by Rocket Lab USA Inc. in April 2020. Sinclair Interplanetary was founded in 2001 by Doug Sinclair and develops reliable, best-in-class spacecraft hardware, including reaction wheels and star trackers that support rapid-schedule small satellite programs. More than 90 satellites incorporating Sinclair hardware have been launched to orbit, including Rocket Lab’s own Photon satellite as well as Rocket Lab-launched satellites from AstroDigital, ALE, and BlackSky. 

About Wyvern

At Wyvern, we will provide affordable and high-resolution images of Earth using our constellation of small satellites, enabling intelligence from space, anywhere. We are creating cutting-edge opto-mechanical technology for satellite imaging while focusing on affordability, capability, and convenience. Wyvern will launch their first generation of satellites in early 2022. Wyvern is an Edmonton, AB based start-up founded in 2017.

About Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation

The Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation aims to create a national merit-based professional training and career development program designed to bridge knowledge and experience gaps between post-secondary students and early-career professional experience. This will be achieved through work-integrated learning opportunities and an impact-driven community of industry mentors and advisors to collectively support and sustain a highly-qualified and diverse Canadian aerospace workforce.

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