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Silhouette Optical Awarded Certified Space Technology(tm) Status

By SpaceRef Editor
September 14, 2004
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The Space Foundation announced today that Silhouette Optical’s Titan Minimal Art (TMA) Opthalmic and TMA Sunglass products have been officially recognized as Certified Space Technology(tm).

After an exhaustive selection process NASA chose Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art (TMA) eyewear for use by Shuttle crews beginning in 2000. TMA eyewear continues to meet NASA’s mission critical requirements without any alterations or modifications to the original design.

Featuring titanium temples and a highly ergonomic fit, TMA eyewear is both lightweight and resilient. Weighing in at just 1.8 grams, TMA eyewear is virtually unaffected by the changes in momentum and extreme G-forces experienced during space missions. The temples and nose of the frames are made from a hypoallergenic beta-titanium alloy. Corrective lenses are connected to the frame without hinges or screws which prevents loosening or disassembly under the most extreme conditions. The absence of screws and hinges improves safety by reducing the danger of free-floating items within space helmets, breathing apparatus and within the spacecraft itself. TMA provides comfort and dependability, which in turn helps to reduce mission stress. “Silhouette has earned the Certified Space Technology(tm) seal because TMA eyewear is so well conceived and executed that they have been singled out for use by our space program. Of course, the same outstanding features that make TMA the eyewear of choice at NASA are popular here on Earth,” said Kevin C. Cook, Space Foundation Director of Space Awareness Programs.

“The Space Foundation is committed to recognizing and supporting the efforts of innovative companies like Silhouette,” said Cook. “Silhouette Optical is the most recent member of our growing list of Space Certification program partners including industry leaders such as Tempur-Pedic(r) Sleep Surfaces, X-1R Performance Lubricants, and Outlast Phase Change Materials.”

About Silhouette Optical

Headquartered in Linz, Austria and with offices in Green Island, New York, Silhouette is celebrating 40 years of designing and producing eyewear that combines top quality with excellent wearing comfort and fashionable design.

Silhouette is a leading international frame manufacturer – the company’s creative pioneering spirit and numerous revolutionary innovations continue to set yardsticks for the industry worldwide. For more information, contact Silhouette Optical Ltd., at 518.270.3103 or

About The Space Foundation

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with offices in Washington, DC and Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Space Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to vigorously advance and support civil, commercial and national security space endeavors and educational excellence.

The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, established the Space Certification Program and the Space Technology Hall of Fame to recognize innovators who transform technology originally developed for space use into commercial products, to increase public awareness of the benefits of space transfer technology, and to encourage further innovation.

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