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Second CANEUS International Workshop at Montreal Announced

By SpaceRef Editor
April 27, 2009
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June 8-10: “Fly-by-Wireless Aircraft and Spacecraft Vehicles”: Second CANEUS International Workshop at Montreal

Wireless Technology Breakthroughs Make New Aircraft / Spacecraft Vehicle Architectures Possible

The Space Shuttle has been using wireless instrumentation for over 10 years. The Program eliminated 7,000 lbs. of wire as a part of its digital fly-by-wire approach. Technology breakthroughs are being made worldwide that can reduce aerospace cabling, vehicles and systems. Even commercial airlines are reducing costs and adding functions and redundancy with wireless devices.

CANEUS/NASA Fly-by-Wireless Initiative

Based on the lessons learned from recent CANEUS/NASA successes, wireless technology breakthroughs, and the need for competitive improvements industry-wide, the international CANEUS Organization together with leadership from the Institute for Aerospace Research of the National Research Council Canada, Industry Canada, l’ecole Polytechnique de Montral and representatives of the Canadian Space Agency, National Defense, Bombardier Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Bell Helicopter Textron, will host the second CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless (FBW) Workshop in Montreal, Canada, on June 8-10, 2009 (

The first CANEUS/NASA Fly-by-Wireless Workshop was held in March 2007, and the Fly-By-Wireless Sector Consortium advances were held at the CANEUS 2009 workshop at NASA Ames in March 2009.

International Collaborative Pre-Competitive Projects

The three-day meeting will help formulate and launch international collaborative projects leading to the advancement of a broad range of wireless technologies for use by the global aerospace industry. “These projects will range from $1 million to $30 million with funding pooled from Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere,” commented Pimprikar.

The CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Consortium has established a collaborative environment wherein resources from several organizations are pooled to focus on high-risk, high-cost initiatives aimed at accelerating the infusion of emerging wireless technologies into aerospace applications. System integration efforts focus on the development of the appropriate supply chain organizations.

Structural Health Monitoring
One of the projects, defined at CANEUS 2009 held at NASA Ames, deals with wireless implementation for structural health monitoring of the main fuselage. Interested organizations can participate in the Fly-By-Wireless collaborative projects at ‘‘.

For further information, contact:
Milind Pimprikar, Founder and Chairman, CANEUS International
TEL: 514 499-3959 or 514-267-2434

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