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SEA release: Space Exploration Alliance Grows as Moon-Mars Blitz Nears

By SpaceRef Editor
July 8, 2004
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In a continuation of unprecedented unity within the space community, the Space Exploration Alliance today announced that eight additional groups have joined their number to push for Moon, Mars and Beyond.  This brings total SEA membership to 21 organizations.

SEA members are now deep in preparation for the Moon-Mars Blitz, a Capitol Hill briefing event to take place next week, July 11-13.  During that period, SEA expects to visit over 200 Congressional offices to promote the new Vision for Space Exploration.

The new members are: Federation of Galaxy Explorers, Global Space Travelers, Moon Society, NASA Alumni League, ShareSpace Foundation, Space Generation Foundation, Space Studies Institute and X PRIZE Foundation.

They join the existing membership, including: Aerospace Industries Association, Aerospace States Association, American Astronautical Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, California Space Authority, Florida Space Authority, The Mars Society, National Coalition of Spaceport States, National Space Society, The Planetary Society, ProSpace, Space Access Society and Space Frontier Foundation.

“We joined with SEA because it is vital for the community of space organizations to come together to push Moon, Mars and Beyond,” observed former Senator Jake Garn, chairman of Global Space Travelers. “By presenting a united front to the Congress we have the best chance for success.”

SEA members will be presenting that united front when they visit Capitol Hill next week and brief Congress on why they feel the Vision for Space Exploration is critical.

“For our children, for our country, and for our world, humanity must start exploring again,” said NSS Executive Director George Whitesides. “The Vision for Space Exploration opens the exploration path for our future.”

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Executive Director

National Space Society

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