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Science Briefing – Canadian MOPITT Instrument on Terra Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
November 22, 1999
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Saint-Hubert, November 22, 1999 – The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will
present a pre-launch briefing on its Measurements of Pollution in The Troposphere
(MOPITT) instrument at noon on November 23, 1999, at the Ontario Science
Centre, North York, Ontario.

The CSA provided MOPITT to NASA’s Terra satellite mission and will contribute
to on-orbit mission operations and data analysis. MOPITT is an infrared
gas-correlation instrument that will contribute to Terra’s mission of observing the
Earth from the unique vantage point of space by taking global measurements of
carbon monoxide and methane in the troposphere. The MOPITT Principal
Investigator is Prof. Jim Drummond of the University of Toronto and COM DEV
International of Cambridge, Ontario, built the MOPITT instrument, both under
contract to the Canadian Space Agency.

Following the CSA briefing, an audio-video feed will allow attendees to view
NASA’s science briefing, taking place at 1:00 p.m. at NASA Headquarters in
Washington, to discuss the overall scientific goals of the Terra mission. The
U.S.-Japanese-Canadian Earth Observing System spacecraft will study the
planet’s lands, oceans, clouds and atmosphere. The launch of Terra aboard an
Atlas IIAS rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, is scheduled for
no earlier than December 16, 1999.

Briefing on MOPITT instrument aboard Terra satellite followed by
individual interviews

November 23, 1999, noon

Challenger Flight Centre, Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don Mills
Road (at Eglinton Avenue East), North York, Ontario

Principal Investigator, Dr. Jim Drummond will be available for
interviews, as will representatives of CSA, COM DEV, Environment
Canada and other members of the MOPITT Science Team.

Notes to Editors:

1.B-rolls with animation of the operation of the Canadian Measurements of
Pollution in The Troposphere instrument, and taped comments by Dr.
Drummond will be available.

2.Light refreshments will be served.

For more information:

Stéphane Corbin
Media Relations Manager
Canadian Space Agency
Tel: 450-926-4350
Cell: 514-914-6808

SpaceRef staff editor.