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Schafer Team Wins NASA Concept Exploration and Refinement (CE&R) Contract

By SpaceRef Editor
September 3, 2004
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Huntsville, Alabama, September 1, 2004: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today awarded a Concept Exploration and Refinement (CE&R) contract to Schafer Corporation’s Systems Engineering and Integration Division to support NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration by implementing a sustained and affordable human and robotic program; extending human presence across the solar system and beyond; and developing supporting innovative technologies, knowledge, and infrastructures. Schafer will support NASA in executing the Vision for Space Exploration in two key areas. Schafer will develop and refine concepts for Human Lunar Exploration and will investigate Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) design drivers, launch considerations, launch vehicle integration, and risk.

The CE&R contract is valued at $6 million including options. Boeing’s PhantomWorks will provide space systems expertise. The program will be performed at the Schafer facility in Huntsville, AL.

Schafer Corporation, formed in 1972, is a leading-edge technology company providing high quality products and professional services to government and industry. Schafer provides research, development, test and evaluation, and computer modeling and analysis of 21st century technology applications for the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies. Schafer has 380 employees nationwide and 2003 sales of $75M.

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