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RSC Enegeria press release on the fulfillment of planned operations onboard the ISS

By SpaceRef Editor
August 16, 2001
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August 16, 2001 Korolev, Moscow region

On August 14-15, 2001, the planned work has been carried out on updating
the software mathematics of the International Space Station’s (ISS)
onboard computer system. This update is a result of changes in the configuration
of the Station. The changes took place in mid September with the arrival
of new Russian module – docking compartment Pier – to the International
Space Station.

The software update is a planned flight procedure and is carried out
when the U.S. Space Shuttle is part of the Station’s orbital complex.
This procedure had already been performed several times in the course
of the ISS flight. For the software update period the planned switching-off
of the onboard computer system, attitude control and stabilization systems
of the Station is envisaged. In this case all necessary dynamic modes
maintaining the controlled oriented flight of the ISS orbital complex
are normally performed by the Space Shuttle.

Now all operations needed to update the Station’s software have been
successfully completed, and the onboard systems of the Station operate
in normal modes.

The International Space Station orbital complex continues its flight.
It consists of Russian vehicles Progress M1-6, Soyuz TM-32, Russian
Service module Zvezda, Functional Cargo Block Zarya, U.S. modules Unity
and Destiny, U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery.

The Lead Operational Control Team (LOCT), stationed at Mission Control
Center near Moscow (MCC-M), Korolev, Moscow region, provides flight
control of the ISS complex. Flight director is pilot-cosmonaut Soloviev
V.A. Flight control is performed in cooperation with the U.S. Mission
Control Center in Houston (MCC-H).

SpaceRef staff editor.