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Roskosmos – NASA Joint Research of Far Cosmos

By SpaceRef Editor
September 28, 2017
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State corporation “ROSKOSMOS” and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA) during the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide (Australia) signed a joint statement on cooperation in the field of exploration and development of outer space.


ROSKOSMOS and NASA confirmed the intention to use the International Space Station (ISS) as a basis for further space exploration, as well as cooperation within the international lunar program: the creation of the near-Earth visited platform Deep Space Gateway, standardization of standards, scientific missions on the moon orbit and on the lunar surface.


In particular, the partners intend to develop international technical standards, which will be used in the future, including for the establishment of the station in the near-moon orbit. ROSKOSMOS and NASA have already reached an understanding on the standards of the docking station of the future station. Taking into account the serious domestic experience in the development of docking stations, the future elements of the station will be created on the basis of Russian developments, as well as the standards of life support systems. The developed standards will be used by all countries in the development and creation of their space technology.


Currently, other space powers are also considering the issue of joining the project of the international lunar research program and the creation of the Deep Space Gateway – they are studying their scientific and technical potential for participation in Earth satellite research.


The parties also discussed the possibility of using Russian carrier rockets (RNs) to create the infrastructure of the lunar station. So, at the first stage it is supposed to use the American super-heavy SL SLS in parallel with the domestic heavy rockets Proton-M and Angara A5M. After the creation of the Russian superheavy rocket, it will also be used to provide the lunar orbital station.


The main work on the creation of the lunar station will begin in the mid-2020s.


Igor KOMAROV, General Director of Roskosmos State Corporation: “At least five countries are working on the creation of their own manned spacecraft and systems. In order to avoid problems in the future in technical cooperation, part of the standards should be unified – for the ability of different countries to work on their products and to join the international near-moon station. Part of the key standards will be formed on the basis of Russian developments. The agreements reached open new prospects for international cooperation and expand the opportunities for using the capabilities of the Russian space industry. “

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