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Richard Covey to Succeed McCulley as USA President and CEO

By SpaceRef Editor
August 30, 2007
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Richard Covey to Succeed McCulley as USA President and CEO

Shuttle Veteran Daniel Brandenstein Named Chief Operating Officer

HOUSTON, Texas (August 30, 2007) – Richard O. Covey has been named to succeed Michael J. McCulley as President and Chief Executive Officer of United Space Alliance, effective September 28, 2007. McCulley has announced his retirement following a distinguished career spanning 38 years as a Naval aviator, NASA astronaut and a highly respected space industry executive. Daniel C. Brandenstein of Lockheed Martin Mission Services has been named to replace Covey as USA’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Mike will be greatly missed,” said Covey, who has served as USA’s COO since February 2006. “His special brand of leadership has served our company and our customers immeasurably over the past twelve years. In particular, his leadership during and following the Columbia accident made a significant impact on the return of the Space Shuttle to safe and successful flight. We owe him our gratitude, and wish him the very best.”

Covey joined USA after serving as President of Boeing Service Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he was responsible for overseeing systems engineering, facility/system maintenance and operations, spacecraft operations support, and logistics support to Department of Defense, other U.S. government, and commercial businesses at over 20 locations worldwide.

From 2003 to 2005, Covey provided critical leadership as co-chairman of the Return-to-Flight Task Group conducting an independent assessment of NASA’s response to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board recommendations. For this, he was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal.

A former NASA astronaut, Covey piloted STS 51-I, a spacecraft repair mission in 1985 and STS-26, the first flight of Discovery after the Challenger accident in 1988. He then commanded STS-38, a classified Department of Defense mission in 1990, and the flight of Endeavour on STS-61 in 1993 to service and repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Prior to joining NASA, Covey served in the US Air Force as a test force director, test pilot and operational fighter pilot. His honors include two Defense Distinguished Service Medals, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and five Distinguished Flying Crosses, including four received during the 339 combat missions he flew over Southeast Asia.

Brandenstein will join USA from Lockheed Martin Mission Services where he serves as Vice President and Program Manager for the Mission Support Operations Contract at the NASA/Johnson Space Center.

“The addition of Dan to our executive team brings a level of operations and leadership experience that will benefit us greatly as we work to complete the mission of the Space Shuttle and to position USA for the future,” said Covey.

Also a former astronaut, Brandenstein piloted Space Shuttle mission STS-8 in 1983 aboard Challenger on the first shuttle night launch and landing mission. He commanded three others, including STS-51G in 1985, STS-32 in 1990, and the maiden flight of Endeavour, STS-49, in 1992 to retrieve and repair the Intelsat satellite. He also served as chief of the Astronaut Office from 1987 until leaving NASA and the Navy in 1992.

Prior to joining NASA, Brandenstein served as a Naval aviator starting in 1967. From 1968-1970 he participated in two carrier combat deployments in Southeast Asia and flew 192 combat missions in A- 6 Intruders. His many honors include 2 Defense Superior Service Medals, the Distinguished Flying Cross, 2 NASA Distinguished Service Medals and 2 NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals.

United Space Alliance is a world leader in space operations with extensive experience in all aspects of the field. Headquartered in Houston and employing 10,000 people in Texas, Florida and Alabama, USA is applying its broad range of capabilities to NASA’s Space Shuttle, International Space Station and Constellation programs as well as to space operations customers in the commercial and international space industry sectors.

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