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RFIDGS Awarded Contract from Boeing for NASA RFID Deployment

By SpaceRef Editor
October 21, 2008
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RFIDGS with partner Franwell, Inc. to deliver second phase of the RFID system at Kennedy Space Center in Florida

RFID Global Solution has been awarded a contract from The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) to complete the second phase expansion of a real-time location system at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida.

This expansion follows a successful deployment of the initial real-time RFID location tracking solution earlier this year. This second phase extends the real-time tracking to more items as well as transitions to RFID Global Solution’s new Visi-Trac(TM) Asset Tracking software.

“We’re giving them the visibility needed to better manage the tools and assets used in Boeing’s support of the International Space Station and NASA operations,” says RFID Global Solution’s VP Business Development, Ron Rose. The system utilizes advanced RFID technology to locate equipment, tools and critical components at both the facility and vehicle level. The system is designed to provide real-time updates on the location of tagged assets and can be extended to track items to within a defined granularity.

The design of the new Visi-Trac(TM) real-time location tracking solution by RFIDGS enables NASA to track both critical assets and components across pre-defined areas of the space center, and extends to include vehicle-mounted RFID receivers with mobile terminals used in support of the delivery of space shuttle payloads to the launch pad.

RFIDGS President/CTO Joe Leone says that “the successful use of RFID technology to track any of the mission-critical items is one of the clearest examples of how RFID can provide tremendous efficiencies and will change the way everyone works.”

Leone also says “It is important to note that RFIDGS’s recently formed strategic partnership with Franwell, Inc., a Florida-based company will enhance our ability to respond to our customer’s needs. The Franwell team previously worked with RFIDGS on the first phase of the RFID implementation at KSC and now as a strategic partner will be able to provide even more support going forward.”

“This effort with Boeing and NASA has expanded RFID Global Solution’s position as a leader in the deployment of automatic data capture technology across all aspects of the aerospace marketplace,” said Ron Rose, “and builds upon RFIDGS’s already strong relationship with many of the industry leaders in aerospace.”

About RFID Global Solution

RFID Global Solution, Inc. is an industry leader in providing complete systems that utilize both active and passive RFID, as well as GPS, Cellular and Camera based technologies for use by government and commercial customers. The company develops end to end wireless asset and personnel management solutions that provide real-time visibility at both the site and enterprise levels. The company’s innovative products include the patented RFID SmartTable, SmartCart, and patent pending Global Freezer Insert, to name but a few of the solutions powered by RFIDGS. They bring over 160 yrs of RFID system design, development and deployment expertise resulting in solutions across hundreds of projects involving some of the world’s largest government and commercial based companies. For more information about RFID Global Solution, visit

About Franwell

Franwell, Inc. is a leader in the research, development, and implementation of RFID technology for supply chain operations, with a specialized focus in environmentally sensitive products, such as fresh foods and pharmaceuticals. Franwell engineers have more than 25 years experience providing software solutions for a variety of suppliers, with over 15 years focused on the use of RFID for the purpose of providing real-time inventory visibility. In addition to EPC-compliant RFID systems, Franwell offers consulting expertise, as well as a complete set of RFID integration services to help its clients obtain long term ROI for their investments.


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