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Revolution Afoot– Cheaper, More Frequent Outer Planets Missions – New Horizons II Workshop

By SpaceRef Editor
June 5, 2004
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New Horizons II Workshop

I have placed you on this mailing list hoping that you, or someone
you know who will be interested in attending a Uranus System
Encounter with New Horizons II Workshop scheduled for 9:00 AM on
Monday 21 June 2004 immediately before the Forum on Outer Planetary
Exploration at the Westin Pasadena (191 North Los Robles in Pasadena,
CA), and provide ideas to maximize the science return from a close
Uranus system fly-by using a New Horizons instruments payload.

A New Horizons II mission is under study by the New Horizons 1
science team. It would launch on a JGA to explore multiple KBOs
including a large analog to Pluto. If launched in 2008 or 2009 it
could achieve a Uranus flyby on the way to the Kuiper Belt; the
Uranus encounter would be in 2014-2015 (Early northern spring on
Uranus; Voyager 2 saw the southern summer solstice). This mission
could cost as little as $550M.

The New Horizons spacecraft carries a medium angle color camera, a
narrow angle panchromatic camera, a near IR imaging spectrometer, a
UV imaging spectrometer, several field and particles experiments, a
dust counter, and a radio science experiment. Details of these
instruments can be found at

Please contact Carrie Chavez (Carrie Chavez by Wed., 15 June 2004 to indicate your
attendance and if you wish to make a presentation. Presentations
will nominally be limited to no more than 15 min.


Jeff Moore

Convener, Uranus System Encounter with New Horizons II Workshop

SpaceRef staff editor.