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Reorganization at KSC Aligns Center With NASA Exploration

By SpaceRef Editor
October 6, 2005
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Reorganization at KSC Aligns Center With NASA Exploration

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has created four new offices in response to the Exploration Systems Architecture Study, which aims to implement the nation’s vision for space exploration.

This reorganization, known as KSC Exploration 2005, is in response to President George W. Bush’s plan for NASA to return the space shuttle to safe flight, complete the International Space Station, return to the moon and continue on to Mars and beyond. KSC Exploration 2005 will allow the center work force to accomplish its role in this effort, which includes launching new vehicles from the Space Coast as early as 2012.

The leaders of these offices soon will be confirmed by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, and the staff reorganization will be complete by late October.

“I am proud to roll-out this reorganization,” said KSC Director Jim Kennedy. “We are making a great organization even better. With these changes, KSC will be postured to support the Vision for Space Exploration while continuing to fully support the space shuttle, the International Space Station and our expendable launch vehicle missions.”

The Constellation Projects Office will represent KSC for the Constellation Program, supporting exploration during the design, development and acquisition phase of the flight and ground systems. John “Tip” Talone Jr. will direct this office and Philip “Pepper” Phillips will serve as its deputy director. Talone is now the director of International Space Station and Payload Processing. Phillips is the Shuttle Processing deputy director. ISS/Payload Processing Deputy Director Russell Romanella will assume Talone’s previous position.

The Engineering Development Office will design, develop and sustain the necessary launch site. Center Operations Director Scott Kerr will become director of this office. Exploration Office Director Shannon Bartell and Oscar Toledo will assume deputy director roles in separate disciplines. Toledo is currently the director of Independent Technical Authority and Systems Management and KSC’s chief engineer. Michael Benik, special assistant to the center director, will acquire Kerr’s prior position, and Warren Wiley, associate director of technical readiness, will assume Toledo’s previous role.

The Applied Technology Office will assume functions similar to the dissolving Spaceport Engineering and Technology Directorate and will oversee technology transfer, testbed and applied technology, and range and weather technology. David Bartine will direct this office. He is currently KSC’s chief technologist and associate director for the Spaceport Technology Development Office.

Patrick Simpkins will serve as acting director of the new Advanced Planning Office, which will perform and manage KSC’s strategic planning activities. Simpkins is currently KSC’s Human Resources director.

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