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Release of Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021

By SpaceRef Editor
September 7, 2021
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We are delighted to share that SpaceTech Analytics in cooperation with Aging Analytics Agency and FemTech Analytics, has released the Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021 Report.

This analytical case study was compiled to summarise key observations in the SpaceTech ecosystem, a rapidly evolving and exponentially growing industry. Here, we have assembled information about key industry trends and created a comprehensive database of more than 70+ Space Medicine-related private companies, 70+ leading investors, and 60+ R&D Centres and Associations. This report contains information about the topical directions in Space Medicine: astronauts’ health risks as well as women’s health in space; age-related biomarkers; some approaches of risk mitigation; and the main trends in this area that help to improve astronauts’ health and make their rehabilitation more effective.


Link to Analytical Case Study:

SpaceTech Analytics is a strategic analytics agency focused on markets in the Space Exploration, Spaceflight, Space Medicine, and Satellite Tech industries. Its range of activities includes research and analysis on major areas of high potential in the SpaceTech industry, maintaining profiling of companies and government agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and providing consulting and analytical services to advance the SpaceTech sector.

Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine, the Economics of Ageing, and the convergence of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Digital Health and their impact on the healthcare industry.

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