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Rapid Expansion for the Space Data Association

By SpaceRef Editor
February 7, 2017
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Three new members have joined the Space Data Association (SDA), an international non-profit association of satellite operators.
ExoAnalytic Solutions, Omnispace, and Spire are the latest companies to join, contributing to space flight safety for themselves, other SDA members, and the entire industry. The SDA ensures the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of space environment and RF spectrum data. This data is used to enhance space situational awareness, provide conjunction assessment, with the goal of ultimately increasing the integrity of systems and services (in space).
“We welcome the participation of ExoAnalytic, Omnispace and Spire, the more members we have, the more effective we can be in ensuring safety of flight,” commented Mark Rawlins, Chairman, The Space Data Association. “It is very pleasing to see further growth in membership, we look forward to building relationships with our new colleagues and hope to continue that growth in 2017 engaging with satellite operators and other stakeholders to ensure future safety for our members and the industry as a whole.”
ExoAnalytic provides technology and innovation to the US federal government, as well as commercial customers worldwide. Doug Hendrix, ExoAnalytic Solutions CEO, said: “We are pleased to have joined the SDA and to be contributing our space situational awareness data and solutions for the benefit of other members and the industry.”
Omnispace is an MSS provider and its global system consists of a constellation of NGSO satellites in the 2 GHz frequency band and a network of international satellite gateways. “As the space environment becomes more crowded, there will be even more importance for satellite operators to collaborate and cooperate, in a way that the SDA makes possible,” Dennis Matheson, Chief Technology Officer, Omnispace. “For us, it is crucial to get involved with the SDA now, while we are at this early stage of our fleet, in order to avoid any future problems.”
Spire Global provides important data and insights into weather and climate, shipping and supply chain, and maritime domain awareness through its constellation of nanosatellites. Jerry Jason, Mission Operations Director stated: “Sharing data and space situational awareness are responsibilities of the entire industry. We are looking forward to being a contributing member of the SDA and working with other companies to help ensure a safe space environment for all operators.”
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About the SDA

The Space Data Association Limited (SDA) is a non-profit international association of satellite operators that supports the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of data critical to the safety and integrity of the space environment and the RF spectrum. It maintains the Space Data Center, a database of high-accuracy orbital information, which is operated by Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) of Exton, PA. Established in the Isle of Man the SDA is open to all satellite operators and other participants. Its membership comprises many of the world’s major satellite communications companies Membership information can be found at
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About ExoAnalytic Solutions

ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc. is a technology and innovation leader providing world-class products and services to the US federal government and commercial customers worldwide. We deliver creative solutions to challenging problems and offer unique technical capabilities for space and missile defense applications. Our innovative technology and commitment to protecting space as a critical resource has enabled us to become the world’s leading provider of space situational awareness (SSA) data for satellites in geosynchronous (GEO) orbit. ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Mission Viejo, California.

About Omnispace

Omnispace is a mobile satellite services (MSS) provider. Omnispace’s satellite system consists of a constellation of non-geostationary satellites in the 2 GHz frequency band and a network of international satellite gateways. The Omnispace satellite system currently consists of the on-orbit Omnispace F-2 satellite and three operational satellite gateways in USA, Germany, and Australia. Omnispace intends to build out the MSS system by completing and launching additional NGSO satellites that can provide 24/7 satellite coverage in countries across the world. The Omnispace system will provide a wide range of services, subject to regulatory approval, including, but not limited to, commercial data, voice, video, M2M and IoT services, rural/remote connectivity solutions and public safety/disaster relief services to governments.

About Spire

Spire Global, Inc. is a leading player in the nanosatellite sector, building the world’s most advanced, constantly refreshed constellation. In an industry that is used to measuring development periods in years, Spire has accelerated timelines to a period of just weeks. Spire’s solutions offer organizations insights into weather & climate, shipping & supply chain and maritime domain awareness. This network of nanosatellites senses the ¾ of the planet inaccessible to most current systems which rely largely on land-based remote sensing

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