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Ramon Lugo III named Deputy Director, Expendable Launch Vehicles and Payload Carriers Program at NASA KSC

By SpaceRef Editor
November 4, 2002
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Ramon Lugo III has been appointed deputy director of the Expendable
Launch Vehicles (ELV) & Payload Carriers Program at Kennedy Space Center
(KSC), effective Nov. 10, 2002.

In this capacity, Lugo will serve as the ELV and Payload Carriers Program
strategic interface to the Space Transportation System (STS) programs and
the International Space Station (ISS). He will work with the U.S. Air Force,
the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and other government agencies to
establish beneficial partnerships and will be the contact for strategic
contract outsourcing and industrial base issues, and for the assessment of
business cases. He will be the program interface to KSC on processing
facilities and institutional issues affecting KSC’s launch services

Lugo currently serves as executive director of the Cape Canaveral Spaceport
Management Office (CCSMO). He has also served in numerous positions at KSC
in Space Shuttle, payloads, ELV and installation operations. His first role
at KSC was as an engineer in the construction and modification branch,
responsible for construction modifications to Launch Complex 39A in
preparation for the first Space Shuttle launch.

Since then, Lugo has served in several managerial roles, to include chief,
Business Office, Joint Performance Management Office (JPMO) which preceded
the CCSMO, deputy director, Expendable Launch Vehicle Services, manager,
Facilities and Support Equipment Division, Space Station Project Office and
acting director, Expendable Launch Vehicle Services. From May 1994-Feb.
1995, he served a dual assignment at Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston,
Texas and NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. working on Space Station

In 1995, Lugo was selected to attend the Harvard Program for Management
Development. He has received numerous awards and recognition, including two
NASA Exceptional Achievement Medals for his contributions to the Galileo
mission and the Space Station redesign. He also received the NASA
Outstanding Leadership Medal for his role in the ELV program transition.

Lugo was born in Ft. Fairfield, Maine. He graduated from Merritt Island
High School, Merritt Island, Fla., in 1975. After high school, he went on
to earn a bachelor degree in engineering from the University of Central
Florida, Orlando, Fla., in 1979. He completed a master’s degree in
engineering management in 1982 at Florida Institute of Technology,
Melbourne, Fla.

Susan Kroskey, currently serving as deputy director of CCSMO, will assume
the role of acting executive director until further notice.

SpaceRef staff editor.