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ProOrbis Statement re: CASIS Director Resignation

By SpaceRef Editor
March 4, 2012
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ProOrbis Statement re: CASIS Director Resignation

ProOrbis has been informed of the resignation of Dr. Becker. As one of the key participants in the CASIS proposal, we remain committed to the vitally important mission of CASIS to serve the interests of the nation.

As is a matter of public record, Dr. Becker was included in the CASIS proposal as its Executive Director. In her commitment letter submitted with the original proposal, she stated “I am supportive of the management concepts as presented in the CASIS proposal being submitted.” However, since taking on this role, she has not engaged ProOrbis in the stand-up activities of CASIS as was contemplated. Issues of conflict of interest for all the principal parties were satisfactorily addressed in the Cooperative Agreement and provisions were put in place to mitigate any potential conflicts. Dr. Becker’s concerns about a non-profit organization working with a private company were addressed by legal counsel, which determined that they would not in any way prevent CASIS from engaging ProOrbis or executing the proposal.

ProOrbis will continue its tradition of the highest levels of excellence in performance and integrity and will continue to support the CASIS mission and our proposal commitments.

SpaceRef staff editor.