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Promethean Labs Joins the CSCA

By SpaceRef Editor
August 16, 2017
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The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA), Canada’s national space industry association, is pleased to announce that Promethean Labs (“Promethean”) has joined the CSCA. Promethean provides next generation earth observation data to the agriculture, forestry, environment and mining sectors.

“Promethean Labs started as a result of the first Small Satellite Symposium hosted by the CSCA, and since that time, the CSCA has been an invaluable resource to our company’s creation and growth”, said CEO and co-founder Christopher Robson.

“The CSCA is delighted that our network and resources have provided Promethean with the support necessary to launch a Canadian based company operating on a global scale,” said Michelle Mendes, Executive Director of the CSCA. “We are thrilled to know that the Canadian SmallSat Symposium provides the foundation to grow commercial space in Canada.”

About Promethean Labs

We work on tackling some of the biggest societal challenges with next generation earth observation data.  It is our mission is to help customers around the world unlock Earth with astonishingly rich and accessible earth observation data for an affordable price.  Our services benefit clients in sectors ranging from forestry and agriculture to environmental monitoring and mineral exploration.  Promethean Labs is a globally oriented startup business founded in 2016. Our main offices are based at Edmonton International Airport in Western Canada. Our East Coast office is located in Toronto.

Chris Robson
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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+1 (403) 612-6445

About the Canadian Space Commerce Association

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