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Polls Support Full Funding for FAA

By SpaceRef Editor
April 9, 2011
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Arlington, Va. — Recent polling conducted on behalf of the Aerospace Industries Association shows considerable public support for fully funding the Federal Aviation Administration and the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

“It’s critical that Congress fund the FAA by passing a fiscal year 2011 appropriations bill,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “More continuing resolutions will further erode FAA’s ability to implement the much needed Next Generation Air Transportation System in a timely manner.”

Passing a full-year appropriations measure will allow FAA to enter into new contracts, move forward with new construction, hire more safety inspectors and certify new technology–activities prohibited under stop-gap continuing resolutions that only allow spending on previously authorized projects.

The public supports spending on aviation safety. A poll conducted in early March shows 68 percent of Americans support new technologies to improve air safety. Furthermore, 65 percent favor maintaining or increasing FAA funding levels. Only 19 percent polled favor cutting FAA’s budget. Finally, a majority of Americans knowledgeable about FAA’s satellite-based NextGen air traffic control system support its timely implementation.

“Americans support improving our aviation system,” Blakey said. “Funding NextGen is important. It will make our safe skies safer, reduce congestion and delays and improve aviation’s environmental stewardship.”

SpaceRef staff editor.