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Photo Report: Yuri Semenov Meets with ISS Expedition 3 Crew

By SpaceRef Editor
June 7, 2001
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The meeting had been held between Yu.P. Semenov, the academician of
the Russian Academy of Sciences, President and General Designer of the
Corporation, Technical Director of the Russian Manned Programs, and
Expedition 3 crews of the International Space Station: V.K. Dezhurov,
M.V. Turin, F. Culbertson (primary crew), V.G. Korzun, S.Y. Treschov,
P. Whitson (backup crew) before they flew to the United States for a
final pre-launch processing stage with the Discovery space vehicle (STS-105).

The crews laid flowers on the monument in honour of S.P. Korolev at
the memorial square of the Corporation and took pictures for a keepsake.

Also the meeting was attended by P.I. Klymuk, Director of RSRI of CTC
after Yu.A. Gagarin, A.I. Grigoriev, Director of MBPI, leading specialists
from RSC Energia.

A conversation with the crews, in which Yu.P. Semenov, P.I. Klymuk,
A.I. Grigoriev took part, was held at the General Designer’s office.

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